New Shawl

Just got this one blocked. This is Giggle With A Jiggle by Mindy Ross pattern. It’s the second Giggle I’ve made. Did this one with fringe.


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Couple More Vessel Necklaces

Made a few more…..

Vessel11Copper green glass with iris gold frit.

Vessel12Dark amber glass with iris gold frit.

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Vessel Necklaces

Got these done for an order…..











Vessel10Lots of vessel necklaces!! All with bead topped cork stoppers.

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Raku Disc Beads

For a custom order…..


And a couple of shank buttons…..


Few more beads and a button…Toni-RakuButtons

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Camo Paracord Keychains

Made these for a customer that buys stuff from me every year.

CopperCapped Pix1 Pix2 Pix3The first pictures shows the whole thing. They are made out of real paracord. All will have split rings but I was too lazy to add them for these pictures. These are supposed to be for guys so I tried to stick with more masculine colors for the beads. I cored the beads with copper tubing.

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Shawl Pins

New shawl pins….


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Holiday Hollows

Trying to get some bead orders done when it’s 90 degrees in the garage is difficult. Can’t take the heat like I used to. Took me days to get these hollows done.


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Another Shawl

This one didn’t turn out like I wanted it to. It was supposed to have a lace border but I was running low on yarn when I got to that part and didn’t have enough to do the whole lace pattern. I decided to do a few rows of garter stitch and cast off.


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Copper Green And Purple Rose Frit Beads

Got this one set done. It’s been hot in the garage recently.


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Giggle With A Jiggle Shawl

This was a fun, fun shawl to knit. Pattern by Mindy Ross. Just love all her patterns. Still working my way through her whole collection. This one is her latest pattern.

Blocked1 Blocked3

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