More Curvy Wire Necklaces

I finished three more. Three more to go. Actually they are going pretty quickly now. The hammering took a while and so did drilling.

CurvyWireNecklace-Bill4 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill5 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill3

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Pink Curvy Wire Necklace and Beads

Finished necklace number 2. Still have 6 more to make.


These are beads I made over the weekend. More to add to the bead show stash.


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Periwinkle Curvy Wire Necklace

I got an order for eight of these necklaces. I got most of the hard work done and now I just have to add the glass balls and link the wires together. The fun part is bending them into shapes. This is the first one.


The wire is copper that has been patina’ed and tumbled to harden the wire.

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Silvered Ivory Stringer Beads

Just made some simple beads last night in a bunch of different colors. They are wrapped with an ivory stringer with silver on it.


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Deja Vu

I made the same beads as I did the night before. More enamel and frit beads. And another owl and fish too.

OwlFishBeads2 EnamelBeads2

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Back To Beads

Got to make a set of beads last night and also a few focal beads……



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My First Cloisonne Piece

Well, kinda. It’s not done. I just got the cloisonne piece done. Still have to make it into a piece of jewelry. I stayed with easy for my first piece and even then some of my wires moved.

CloisonnePieceThis is 1.5 inches. I put silver under the transparent curves and cells but it doesn’t show up that well. I didn’t do any shading, just plain enamels. I wanted to learn the process. Now I can get more intricate and take my time making a piece. I’m still going to turn this into a piece of jewelry just because it’s my first piece.

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Character Beads

Still making beads for the bead show. It’s this month so this will all end soon.

FocalBeads2 FocalBeads

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Pink Bead Sets

I made some pink and black beads last night, along with some pink and green veiled cane spacers.


Got a couple sets of head pins done too. The wires have been on my work bench for a while and keep moving around. Finally got a chance to get them off my bench.


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Last Square Chip Beads

This is the last of the square chip beads. I think I have more than enough to sell at the next bead show.


So glad these are all done. Now I get to move onto something else. Yea!!

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