Last Curvy Wire Necklace

This is the eighth and last one for the pending order. I do like making them but not that many at one time.


Now I can start working on things for the fall craft shows. Have to come up with some new ideas which I seem to be totally out of right now.

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More Clip Charms

Made more beads for clip charms. Glad these are easy and quick to make.


Got a couple of other beads done.  I’m kind of liking the bee bead. It’s just too cute!! Bee-Fish


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Clip On Charms

I made a bunch of random beads for cell phone/zipper pulls last night:


I quickly put together these clip on charms. I think the clip gives them more versatility. And they are quick to make. Going to work on more beads like this tonight.


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Bead Show Donation

I have to donate something to the bead show I’m doing soon so I made a set of big beads with big holes in them. I was planning on coring them with silver tubing but since these all go together I made them into a set.



The strand I’m donating. I think they look kind of cool all together.

BigHoleBeads-DonationSame beads laid out flat. Loved making these, though they do take a while melting in all the dots.

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Two More Curvy Wire Necklaces

Got two more done. Only one more to go.


CurvyWireNecklace-Bill6Hopefully, I’ll get the last one done this weekend. Then it’s on to something new!!

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Bunnies, Fish and a Bee

Working on making some small beads for cell phone charms and zipper pulls. Some smaller bunnies and kissy fish. And a new bead, a bee.

Bunnies SmallKissyFishesSmallBee

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More Curvy Wire Necklaces

I finished three more. Three more to go. Actually they are going pretty quickly now. The hammering took a while and so did drilling.

CurvyWireNecklace-Bill4 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill5 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill3

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Pink Curvy Wire Necklace and Beads

Finished necklace number 2. Still have 6 more to make.


These are beads I made over the weekend. More to add to the bead show stash.


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Periwinkle Curvy Wire Necklace

I got an order for eight of these necklaces. I got most of the hard work done and now I just have to add the glass balls and link the wires together. The fun part is bending them into shapes. This is the first one.


The wire is copper that has been patina’ed and tumbled to harden the wire.

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Silvered Ivory Stringer Beads

Just made some simple beads last night in a bunch of different colors. They are wrapped with an ivory stringer with silver on it.


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