Green Beads

I don’t know what happened. Well, actually I do. I started with what I thought would turn out as blue beads but they didn’t look that way before I put them into the kiln. They looked green. So I changed up my colors from blue to green. The beads I thought were going to be green came out of the kiln blue!! They just didn’t fit into this set. Should have stuck with my original colors. Now I have a green set.


Still a nice set but they’re green.

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Another Set of Round Beads

Three pairs of round beads. Two pairs have frit on them. Love the copper blue ones on the right. The middle pair has aqua shards on a clear bead with the shards left raised. Gives it a watery look.


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New Beads

I love these. These are a white base bead, covered with fine silver foil, then rolled in copper blue frit. Kind of looks like the ocean.


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Couple More Bead Sets

Made these last night…..


Purple base bead with clear frit on top. Looks like cracked ice to me.


Random rounds in turquoise and purples. One round silver glass bead which you can see my reflection in so don’t look too closely. Really fun set!!

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New Big Hole Beads

A couple more in some new colors.


The left one is more purple. The one on the right I was hoping the color would be more transparent so I could layer other colors underneath but it’s definitely an opaque white.

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Turquoise Silvered Ivory Shard Beads

Another set of turquoise beads will silvered ivory shards on top.


Little raised black dots embellish these beads.

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Few More Bead Sets

Got these done over the weekend.


Blue-RakuShardBeadsThese are kinda neato. Blue raku shard that aren’t melted in with little silver dots.

GreenSpacersAll different colors of green spacers.

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Keychain with Teapot Take Two

Another keychain with a teapot attached.



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Pinky Purple Hollow Bead

I made these bead a while ago, then realized I didn’t have the right color of anodized aluminum to make the bead caps. Ordered some, waited two weeks for it, never got it, had to call the company and they sent out a new package. This one is pinkish purple with pink microbeads filling the inside.


PinkPurpleMicrobeadsTwo different views. It’s cored with sterling silver tubing and the glass is veiled cane so it has striations in it.

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Back To Big Hole Beads

These are a few I finished last weekend.


Left is a painted bead with sterling silver bead caps and cored with sterling silver tubing. The right one has enamels, frit and a line of purple around the middle. The bead caps are brass, cored with sterling silver tubing.

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