What Else, More Beads….

Made more beads last night…..



Turquoise and ivory hollow beads. The ivory and one of the turquoise beads has silvered ivory shards on them, along with surface decorations.




Another set of hollows. These are made out of veiled cane which has striations in the glass. Makes them more interesting.


Not sure what I was thinking when I chose these colors. Turquoise and blood red.


Simple but very pretty flowery frit beads. I love the colors on these!!

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Seed Bead Bracelet

Got back from the High Sierras on Saturday. I always pick up a seed bead kit to make while I’m there since there’s no TV or Internet. This bracelet was designed by Laura McCabe. Her patterns and instructions are awesome!! So easy to follow. This one is called Eiffel Tower Bracelet. The Swarvorski gemstones sit up from the base on four “prongs” with a beaded bezel. Very ingenious design, though the bracelet is a bit too gaudy for me. Took me 6 days to complete.


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More Beads

Got a couple more sets of hollows made.



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Blue Hollow Beads

Another set of hollows.


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More Beads

A customer requested order of hollows…..

And a set of tortoise frit beads…


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More Hollows and Doodads

Another set of purple hollow beads…..


And a set of doodad beads. I use these for dangles and add ins, sometimes as stoppers on chains.


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Two More Sets

Got these two sets done last night.

Autumn Hollows – In vivid autumn colors. The glass has striations in it to make them look more interesting. On two, I wound thin silver glass lines around the bead and left it raised.


Another set of Space Age Retro beads. These are really fun.



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Black Silver Glass Krytonite Beads

Made these set last night.


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More Beads

A bunch of different beads I made over the last few days.


Some of my favorite beads. Opal yellow base bead with enamels and frit, along with some purple spacer beads.


These turned out kind of interesting. Thought they would be different shades of blue. Was surprised to see pink and some green in the frit too. On a white base bead.


Another set of Halloween beads. I put arms on the ghost this time.

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Is It Halloween Yet?

Made these Halloween beads last night. I should have put arms on the ghost. Oops.


And played with some new frit called Muse. Used it on different base bead colors and with silver foil (last two beads).



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