Lots Of Big Hole Beads

Just finished this order up…..


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Oops, Never Posted These

I made these a while ago…..CopperGreenSilverGlassBeads2



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For Club Bead Exchanges

Made some beads for the exchange…..


Starting to make some big hole beads for the exchange in September.


It’s a cloud. I know it doesn’t look like one. Might make another.

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Rustic Enamel Beads

Playing with enamels…..

RusticDeepBlue2 RusticGrassGreen2 RusticPeach2 RusticWaterBlue2 RusticGrayGreen2 RusticOrchidSet2 Drops-Cheryl

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Few New Sets Of Beads

Haven’t been making beads recently. These are some sets I finished a while ago.



CGEnamelBeads  OYEnamelBeads

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Back To Beads

Made a few things….

PurpleAndGold2 Enamels-SilverGlassSamplerSet3 OpalYellowEnamelSilverGlassBeads2 LauraBeads2 (1) LauraBeads (1)

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Glass Cabochons

Still trying to make larger glass cabs. These are my latest tries.

RedSilverGlassTriangleCufflinks SilverGlassCuffLinks RedTriangleCufflinks2 GreenTwistieCuffLinks Black-OY-TurquoiseCabs-Cufflinks

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More beads……

CarnivalSet2 PastelSet SilverGlassIceChips2 SouthwesternDiscSet-3rd2 SmallPurpleDiscSet3 SouthwesternDiscs-Rebecca2 SouthwesternDiscs3 TurquoiseSet2

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Glass Vessels

Made a couple of glass vessels.

GreenEnamelVessel GreenSilveredIvoryShardVessel2


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Two More Sets Of Beads

Two new sets…..AncientWatercolorHollows2This set has five hollow beads, used transparent enamel on them and boiled it a bit to give them a rustic look. The first time I made these I used different glass and all the beads came out of the kiln cracked due to incompatibility between the glass and enamels. Oops.

LisaDonation This was the set that had all the cracked hollow but I made enough extra beads and added some that I made previously for this set. It’s also got a shank button.

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