Keychain with Teapot Take Two

Another keychain with a teapot attached.



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Colored Ice Chip Beads

More beads. I made these in pairs so I can make some earrings out of them. They are disc beads but with an organic edge to them. Reminds me of ice but in bead form.

ColoredIceChipBeads-1 ColoredIceChipBeads

They are really fun to make and I love all the different colors.

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Mixed Bead Set

Another set of beads. I really like this one. Some pinks and purples, along with opal yellow. Yummy!!


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Another Silvered Ivory Bead Set

This on is on purple lapis glass. It’s really lapis but it look purple to me.


I love this color too. It’s a dark, dark purple and looks great with the ivory shards.

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Another Bead Set

I’ve been selling some beads online and I had good response from some silvered ivory shard beads I made a while ago. So I made these last night.


I love the turquoise with the shards. Lots of contrast.

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New Bead Set

I’m calling these Raspberry Dirty Martini beads. The pale green color is named dirty martini and the rest of the beads are raspberry and pink with a few silver glass beads thrown in.


I love the colors of this set. Might have to make some for myself.

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Another Hollow Bead

I just sold this one. I kind of wanted to keep it because I like purple. I can always make another one.


It’s a clear hollow bead with lilac microbeads filling it. The bead caps are anodized aluminum and it’s cored with sterling silver tubing. The blue looking bead cap is really more purple. I couldn’t get a good photo.

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More Kitties

Three more kitties…..


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Leather and Big Hole Bead Bracelet

I bought some corded nappa leather a while ago and never got around to using it. It’s a double wrap around bracelet with a magnetic clasp. I want to see how the beads move around, it they drop to the back of the bracelet or stay on top. It’s going to get worn next week to try it out.


I added some sterling silver beads in between the cored beads for more bling.

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More Hollow Beads

Made two more hollow beads filled with microbeads.

PinkMicrobeads DarkBlueMicrobeads-3Both are made out of veiled cane glass so they have striations throughout the glass. The have been filled with tiny microbeads and capped with anodized aluminum bead caps, then cored with sterling silver tubing.


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