Last Of The Hollow Bead Necklaces

Finished up these today…..

DarkPinkMicrobeadsNecklace TurquoiseMicrobeadsNecklace PinkMicrobeadNecklace LilacMicrobeadsNecklace

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More Beads

I made these orange ice chip beads last night….



All different shades of orange. Perfect for the fall.


Then some experimental beads…..


TieDyedBeadsThese have potential. Still trying to figure out how to get the sizing right. They remind me of tie dye.

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Two New Sets

Of beads…..


Arke silver glass. I love it!! I’m silver glass challenged and this is one of the easiest silver glasses for me to get any color out of.


Set of purple beads. I love purple!!

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Couple Sets Of Frit Beads

Made these last night.

GreenOnGreenFritBeads GreenTerraFritBeads

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New Beads

Made some new beads that I’ve never made before.



Organic Jewels – These are very time-consuming to make. Ivory is fumed with silver, then each bubble dot is really three dots on top of dots, then small black dots trail around the bubble dots. Really fun to make.


These are ivory fumed with silver giving them a toasty look, then trailed with thin silver glass threads. Spacer beads are made out of Arke silver glass which changes to different colors. Got some blues, greens, pinks and purples out of it.

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Three More Hollow Bead Necklaces

Finished these up today.

SilverMicrobeadNecklace LightBlueMicrobeadNecklace RedMicrobeadNecklace

Have three more to make.

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So, More Beads

I’ve been making so many beads, I can’t remember if I’ve posted them or not.



Set of blue hollows that a customer bought ALL of them. Yea!!


Another set of the floral garden frit beads but in the “dark” blend.


And a set in the same floral garden frit but the “light” blend.

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Beads and More Beads

PurpleRoseFritBeads AfricanVioletFritBeads FloralGardenFritBeads PurpleFritBeads CopperBlueSilverFoilBeads2 SpiceFritBeads2Doodads-3rd-2 BlueberryStainsBeads

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More Hollow Bead Necklaces

Got two more done.

PurpleMicrobeadsNecklace GreenMicrobeadNecklace-2nd

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Another Hollow Bead Necklace

Got an order for 10 of these….


Just have nine more to make.

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