Beads and Buttons

More beads and buttons…..

OpalYellowEnamelsBeads2 OpalYellowVarietyBeads2 OpalYellowEnamelBeads2 OpalYellow-PurpleVarietyBeads2 Pix2 Pix5 Pix4 Pix3 Pix1

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Geez…..Beads Again…..

CoralFiligranaBeads2 BlueberryStainsBeads2 CoralTurquoiseSet2 SangreRedBeads2

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Few More Beads

Got these done last night….

BigPurpleBeads3 CopperGreenEnamels2

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CoralGardenFloralBeads2 CoffeeGroundsAnd Biscotti2 TurquoiseSilverFritBeads FumedIvoryRibs3

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More Beads

Red-GoldLeaf2 PurpleSparkle2 BlackAndWhite2 PurplePetalBead2

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Back To Glass

Finally getting back to making beads and buttons after the holidays…..

TwistieButtons DotButtons SmallBeads

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Beads Again

Just making beads…..

PamelaStegerAndersonOrder OpalYellowFloralGardenBeads2 LavenderGardenBeads2 FumedIvoryFossil2 SpacerOrphans2 PinkDiscOrphans2I made the pink discs and put together my leftover orphans to sell. I always make a few extra beads when I make sets and some are experiments to check colors before making a whole set.

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More Beads

GoneToPiecesRainbowBeadDonation RedRakuBeads RedSilveredIvoryShardBeads RedPairs DottyBeads3

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Beads Again

More beads….

DarkPurplePairs2 LightPurplePairs2 GreenPairs2 BluePairs2 TripleDotBeads3

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New Necklace

Made the purple disc beads to go with the purple dyed organic agate beads.


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