Raku Disc Beads

For a custom order…..


And a couple of shank buttons…..


Few more beads and a button…Toni-RakuButtons

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Shawl Pins

New shawl pins….


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Holiday Hollows

Trying to get some bead orders done when it’s 90 degrees in the garage is difficult. Can’t take the heat like I used to. Took me days to get these hollows done.


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Copper Green And Purple Rose Frit Beads

Got this one set done. It’s been hot in the garage recently.


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Back To Beads

It’s been really hot so I’ve been avoiding going out in the garage where it’s twice as hot as inside the house. Finally had to so I could get some orders done.


A string of chili peppers. Red-TurquoiseBeads-JanetAnother set of red and turquoise beads. Used a Lauscha red on this set.

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More Organic Beads

Made a few more sets of these.


IvorySilverGlassBeadSet3It’s been so blasted hot in the garage this summer, it’s hard to work in there. Miss making beads.

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Organic Beads

These are about as “organic” as I get. I don’t normally do organic well so I usually stay away from it. I have been playing with silver glass more and had some thin stringers sitting on my work bench, thought I’d make a few beads to use them up. Ended up making a set.


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More Bead Orders

These are from another custom bead order…..


Maraschino red and turquoise beads….

Pink-GreenSetHollows in greens and pinks….

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Lots Of Big Hole Beads

Just finished this order up…..


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Oops, Never Posted These

I made these a while ago…..CopperGreenSilverGlassBeads2



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