Few More Things

Another dichroic bead set….


And a set of coral silvered shards on ivory….CoralSilveredShardIvory2Two more Christmas tree ornaments…..

XmasTree2 XmasTree1

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More Bead Sets

These are some that I made over the last few evenings.


Splintered dichroic glass in salmon color. These really sparkle in person.


A set of copper leaf on light turquoise. BlueGardenBeads2

These are transparent blue with silver foil and purple rose frit. These didn’t turn out like I envisioned and have ay more brownish spots that I like.

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Two More Sets

Made another mini set of sticks and stones.


And a set of what I’m calling Garden beads. Copper green with aquamarine enamels, purple rose frit and fine silver, then etched to give them a matte look. GardenBeads2

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Dichroic Glass Beads and A Snowman

Took me all evening to make five of these beads…..


They have blue splinted dichro encased in clear. There are three layers. Dichro scums in the flame so it has to be heated gently and then all the dichro needs to be totally encased in clear so it doesn’t burn.


Then a little snowman. Isn’t he cute?

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New Beads

Some new beads that I haven’t made in eons.


Black and white ribbed beads. Black-WhiteFritBeads

Black base bead with white frit. This white frit tends to bleed and gives a bluish cast. Kinda like snow.


Copper leaf on white enamel and burned in giving these beads some really organic striations.


Salmon pink frit on pale pink base beads. New color of frit. I kinda like it.

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More Bead Sets

TurquoiseDiscPairs2 Turq-YellowDoodads RakuDiscs3

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New Style Beads

These are the first set I’ve made like this. Clear glass that has been etched with thin black lines and purple frit around the centers. The spacer beads are pale lilac and have been etched too.


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I made these a couple of days ago and forgot to add them here….


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Two More Sticks And Stones Bead Sets

Got an order for these sets.

SticksAndStones-Red RedSticksAndStones

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Few More Bead Sets

Someone asked for a set of red sticks and stones beads. So I made this set.


I like the black and white enamel on these kind of beads better. I think they look more like rocks. OcelotFritBeads2This set I used ocelot frit but I don’t think these look like ocelot spots at all.

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