More Frit Beads

Made two more sets a couple night’s ago….



Then I tried a set of enameled etched beads. They didn’t go over very well…..


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More Frit Beads

Two more sets of organic looking frit beads. Not my favorites but they seem to sell well.

Gray-GoldRakuFritBeads TortoiseFritBeads

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Two New Sets

Set of encased beads with thin stringer work on the outside. Very time-consuming beads to make.



Set of frit beads in purple, blues and greens.


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Another Purple Set

This time I did a set of purple ice chip beads.


I love making these. So easy and they look great in a necklace. They could be used in earrings since there’s a pair of each color.

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Purple Set

A variety of purples……


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What Else……Beads!!

A couple of new sets of beads…..


Swirled frit on clear glass.


Some of my favorits – turquoise base bead with African Violet frit. Yum!!

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Set Of Frit Beads

These turned out a little dark. Should have used something lighter than dark amber.


They still are kinda interesting with a subtle color effect.

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Ice Chip Beads

It’s been so darn hot here it’s hard getting any torching done. Got these sets of ice chip beads made for a custom order though…..OrangeIceChips-2nd-2 BlueIceChips

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Last Of The Hollow Bead Necklaces

Finished up these today…..

DarkPinkMicrobeadsNecklace TurquoiseMicrobeadsNecklace PinkMicrobeadNecklace LilacMicrobeadsNecklace

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More Beads

I made these orange ice chip beads last night….



All different shades of orange. Perfect for the fall.


Then some experimental beads…..


TieDyedBeadsThese have potential. Still trying to figure out how to get the sizing right. They remind me of tie dye.

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