More Bead Sets

Have some new ones to show.


Flower Power Brights set. Strikingly bright with raise dots and other surface decorations. These are fun and whimsical.


Multi-color frit on clear glass beads. This was a tough picture to take. Different colors of transparent frit on clear glass gives these a watery look.


Some of my favorite beads. Turquoise with enamels and various frits give these texture and design.

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Flower Garden Frit Beads

These turned out really pretty. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what the bead is going to look like until it comes out of the kiln. These are on a pale, pale pink base bead then rolled in a floral frit.

FlowerFritBeadsHas kind of a vintage look to them.

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Southwest Bling Bead Set

Southwest color scheme with silver and gold bling. 44 irregular shaped nugget beads.


Modeled on Lenny the lamb…..

SouthwestBling-LennyLenny likes beads and if now my unofficial model.

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More Frit Beads

Played with African Violet frit last night.


These are all the same color frit but on different colored base beads. PeriwinklePurpleFritBeads

These are on a periwinkle base bead. Love this color!!RoundFritBeads-1

These aren’t African Violet frit at all. Just random round bead pairs with frits and shards.

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Space Age Retro Beads

I didn’t know what to call these. They do kind of look like shooting dots, like shooting stars.

ShootingDots-1These are really fun and colorful. Striking on the white background.

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Silver Fuchsia Frit Beads

Got these made last night. They are on a white base bead, then covered with fine silver foil and rolled in fuchsia frit.


The silver totally changes the color of the frit and lends a nice sparkle to them.

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Dot Beads With Big Holes

Made some big hole beads last night.


Different colors to see what I like. I think I like them all.

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Green Beads

I don’t know what happened. Well, actually I do. I started with what I thought would turn out as blue beads but they didn’t look that way before I put them into the kiln. They looked green. So I changed up my colors from blue to green. The beads I thought were going to be green came out of the kiln blue!! They just didn’t fit into this set. Should have stuck with my original colors. Now I have a green set.


Still a nice set but they’re green.

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Another Set of Round Beads

Three pairs of round beads. Two pairs have frit on them. Love the copper blue ones on the right. The middle pair has aqua shards on a clear bead with the shards left raised. Gives it a watery look.


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New Beads

I love these. These are a white base bead, covered with fine silver foil, then rolled in copper blue frit. Kind of looks like the ocean.


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