Three More Hollow Bead Necklaces

Finished these up today.

SilverMicrobeadNecklace LightBlueMicrobeadNecklace RedMicrobeadNecklace

Have three more to make.

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So, More Beads

I’ve been making so many beads, I can’t remember if I’ve posted them or not.



Set of blue hollows that a customer bought ALL of them. Yea!!


Another set of the floral garden frit beads but in the “dark” blend.


And a set in the same floral garden frit but the “light” blend.

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Beads and More Beads

PurpleRoseFritBeads AfricanVioletFritBeads FloralGardenFritBeads PurpleFritBeads CopperBlueSilverFoilBeads2 SpiceFritBeads2Doodads-3rd-2 BlueberryStainsBeads

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More Hollow Bead Necklaces

Got two more done.

PurpleMicrobeadsNecklace GreenMicrobeadNecklace-2nd

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Another Hollow Bead Necklace

Got an order for 10 of these….


Just have nine more to make.

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Few More Bead Sets



I love these doodad beads. I use them for dangles or on jump rings. Really fun!!


These are some of my favorites too. Irregular shaped beads that remind me of ice.

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Frit Beads

I couple more sets of frit beads.


Another set of floral garden frit beads.


Blanket On The Ground frit beads. Not sure why the frit was named this. Doesn’t look like a blanket on the ground to me.


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What Else, More Beads….

Made more beads last night…..



Turquoise and ivory hollow beads. The ivory and one of the turquoise beads has silvered ivory shards on them, along with surface decorations.




Another set of hollows. These are made out of veiled cane which has striations in the glass. Makes them more interesting.


Not sure what I was thinking when I chose these colors. Turquoise and blood red.


Simple but very pretty flowery frit beads. I love the colors on these!!

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More Beads

Got a couple more sets of hollows made.



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Blue Hollow Beads

Another set of hollows.


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