I Can’t Believe It – More Frit Beads

This will be the last for a while, I hope.

GreenFritBeads PinkOnPinkFritBeads-2nd

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Frit Beads

I’ve been getting a lot of orders for frit beads. So more frit beads.

TurquoiseTerraFritBeads-2 PinkOnPinkFritBeads-2 FireballFritBeadsAfricanVioletFritBeads-2ndTurquoiseTerraFritBeads2nd

The first set and last set are the same. Had a request to make another set of these.

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More Frit Beads

Made two more sets a couple night’s ago….



Then I tried a set of enameled etched beads. They didn’t go over very well…..


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More Frit Beads

Two more sets of organic looking frit beads. Not my favorites but they seem to sell well.

Gray-GoldRakuFritBeads TortoiseFritBeads

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Two New Sets

Set of encased beads with thin stringer work on the outside. Very time-consuming beads to make.



Set of frit beads in purple, blues and greens.


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Another Purple Set

This time I did a set of purple ice chip beads.


I love making these. So easy and they look great in a necklace. They could be used in earrings since there’s a pair of each color.

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Purple Set

A variety of purples……


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What Else……Beads!!

A couple of new sets of beads…..


Swirled frit on clear glass.


Some of my favorits – turquoise base bead with African Violet frit. Yum!!

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Set Of Frit Beads

These turned out a little dark. Should have used something lighter than dark amber.


They still are kinda interesting with a subtle color effect.

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Ice Chip Beads

It’s been so darn hot here it’s hard getting any torching done. Got these sets of ice chip beads made for a custom order though…..OrangeIceChips-2nd-2 BlueIceChips

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