Pink Bead Sets

I made some pink and black beads last night, along with some pink and green veiled cane spacers.


Got a couple sets of head pins done too. The wires have been on my work bench for a while and keep moving around. Finally got a chance to get them off my bench.


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Last Square Chip Beads

This is the last of the square chip beads. I think I have more than enough to sell at the next bead show.


So glad these are all done. Now I get to move onto something else. Yea!!

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Square Chip Beads and Sterling Silver Charms

I’m sure getting tired of making square chip beads. I think my idea of making them in all colors isn’t going to happen. These are the ones I finished up so far this weekend.


And some new sterling silver charms that I’ve been working on for weeks. Finally got around to finishing them up.


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More Blue Beads



I’ve never done a picture of them laying flat so while I was lining them up for sizing I took a quick picture to show.BlueSquareChipBeadsLayedOut

Then because I got tired of making the same beads over and over, I made a few kissy fish beads.


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No Orange Beads!!!

Still working on square chip beads though….

These are sparkly!! Blue aventurine. I didn’t put the black line around them as I wanted the sparkle to shine through. The spacer beads are made out of veiled cane, some dark green with a lighter green core. They really do look more like they are more on the teal side.


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Well, I Lied….

I thought I was done making orange beads but I forgot that I plan to make a bunch of square chip beads and what do you know, the first color I picked up was orange.

CoralSquareChipBeadsActually, these are more coral in color than orange. The other spacer beads are veiled cane. It’s a weird combination, tobacco and opal blue. I think it’s supposed to look like water and rocks and probably looks better on larger beads.

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Last Of The Orange Beads

I’m done making orange bead sets. Moving on to another color next. Might be pink, though I probably should make some yellow beads too.


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A Few Other Things….

I made up a few gifts for someone that helped me out this week. Nothing big, just some little surprises.

PurpleGothGirlA purple goth girl.

OcelotAnd a special charm dangle.

Also got another set of red/opal yellow beads done and some veiled cane orange beads.


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Last Week’s Beads

Still making beads. I forgot to post these last week so here they are now.



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Few More Beads

The last of the beads I made this weekend.


Finally got enough blue beads made to make up a set of them. Still have a bunch leftover so I’ll be making more blue beads in the near future. OpalYellowBigHoleBeads-3Still working on big hole beads with dots. It’s hard getting the dots the right size and in the right places. I’m used to making them on small beads. I need a lot more practice. Way more.

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