Last Curvy Wire Necklace

This is the eighth and last one for the pending order. I do like making them but not that many at one time.


Now I can start working on things for the fall craft shows. Have to come up with some new ideas which I seem to be totally out of right now.

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Two More Curvy Wire Necklaces

Got two more done. Only one more to go.


CurvyWireNecklace-Bill6Hopefully, I’ll get the last one done this weekend. Then it’s on to something new!!

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More Curvy Wire Necklaces

I finished three more. Three more to go. Actually they are going pretty quickly now. The hammering took a while and so did drilling.

CurvyWireNecklace-Bill4 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill5 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill3

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Pink Curvy Wire Necklace and Beads

Finished necklace number 2. Still have 6 more to make.


These are beads I made over the weekend. More to add to the bead show stash.


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Periwinkle Curvy Wire Necklace

I got an order for eight of these necklaces. I got most of the hard work done and now I just have to add the glass balls and link the wires together. The fun part is bending them into shapes. This is the first one.


The wire is copper that has been patina’ed and tumbled to harden the wire.

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Another Squiggle Wire Necklace

I decided to try another one using different colors for the glass balls. I made the balls bigger so they would show up more too.

CurvyWireNecklace-RandomColorsThese are so much fun to make. I love bending the wire into different shapes.

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Squiggle Wire Necklace

This necklace was a test to see if I could make small glass balls on the end of wire. One end was balled up and then hammered flat and drilled to make a hole. The wires are linked together with a wire going through the holes, then the glass ball is added to the other side.


CurvyWireNecklace-16Gauge-CloseUpClose up of the links.

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One More Japanese Crest Pendant

Here’s the last of the Japanese crest pendants I made.


I’m back to making beads for Beads Of Courage to take to the December glass club meeting.

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Tab Bead Necklace and Bracelet

What I started doing was try to figure out how silver glass works but in my lame attempt, I started making these tab beads. They looked cute and not knowing what to do at the time, I just put them into a container. Then I found out I had a gift certificate from Rings and Things from 2011!! Yippee!! I was able to get some silver beads to space the tab beads out. I was able to make a necklace and bracelet.

TabBeadBracelet TabBeadNecklaceThe beads do turn so they aren’t all lined up when worn. I like them moving around. Makes it more interesting.

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More Trees and A Pendant

I thought I was done with trees but decided to make some for presents. Here’s the last two I made.

Trees3They are so addicting!! I thought about using different colors but since they are ornaments and trees, using the red and goldstone seems like the only fitting colors except for green.

I was also able to get another Japanese crest pendant assembled.

AsianCrestFront3Just took a picture of the front since the back is the same as the previous ones. I have one more in the works……

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