Green Hollow Bead Necklace

I know it’s green. I accidentally cut the bead caps in reverse. I meant to have the black on top and the green on the bottom so only a little rim of green would show. Since that didn’t happen, I filled the bead with green microbeads.


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Blue Hollow Bead Necklace

Another hollow bead made with blue veiled cane. It has some lines in the glass that are different colors. I filled the bead with thin microbeads and strung it on a sterling silver chain. A few pearls finish the piece.



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Another Hollow Bead Necklace

I finally got a clear hollow made. I tried filling it with different medias but nothing was looking good. Finally settled on some gold glitter. Finished it with brass end caps. Put it on a copper bead stick that I made a while ago along with some beads.

HollowBeadWithGoldGlitterThis glitter is a bit chunkier than other glitters I’ve used. Kind of looks like tiny bits of real gold.

Also, more kitty beads…..


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Beads And A Necklace

Some more sparkle big hole beads……


And one kitty bead. This kitty turned out kind of fat. Kind of reminds me of my cat, Igor. His fur is so fluffy around his face it looks like he has no neck.


And a hollow bead that I cored and strung it on leather.


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Rustic Pendant

Playing with low melt solder and impressing images into molten solder. Wanted to see how it took color and how if it could be drilled, punched and hammered on.  I added a little cab bezel with low melt solder to see how well it would hold. So far, so good. After I was done with testing, I had this piece so I added a few eyelets for a chain and made it into a necklace.

The reason for the bow is because I punched in the wrong spot. While I like asymmetrical, an off center dangle just looks weird. So I had to add another hole. Two dangles wasn’t cutting it either. I tried a few other options, nothing that worked. I added the mother of pearl button to the chain later and I think it helped to pull the piece together.

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First Cloisonne Enamel Pendant – Done!!

This is my first ever cloisonne piece I made. I showed it in a previous post without it’s setting. I finally had time to get the sterling silver part soldered together.


The enamel piece isn’t perfect and I now know how important it is to make sure the sides are smooth and the whole piece is the same level. Where the wires are I needed to smooth that area out more so the bezel would not have a bump there. I also need to make sure my enamels aren’t contaminated.  Lessons learned. The bottom stone is a titanium drusy.

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Last Curvy Wire Necklace

This is the eighth and last one for the pending order. I do like making them but not that many at one time.


Now I can start working on things for the fall craft shows. Have to come up with some new ideas which I seem to be totally out of right now.

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Two More Curvy Wire Necklaces

Got two more done. Only one more to go.


CurvyWireNecklace-Bill6Hopefully, I’ll get the last one done this weekend. Then it’s on to something new!!

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More Curvy Wire Necklaces

I finished three more. Three more to go. Actually they are going pretty quickly now. The hammering took a while and so did drilling.

CurvyWireNecklace-Bill4 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill5 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill3

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Pink Curvy Wire Necklace and Beads

Finished necklace number 2. Still have 6 more to make.


These are beads I made over the weekend. More to add to the bead show stash.


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