Beads 2010

Beads that didn’t make the front page

Some miscellaneous beads I made this weekend.

Some hearts for Beads of Courage charity.

Ice Cream Sundae bead. The instructions were in Corina Tettinger’s Spotlight on Beads for the Inner Child by Kate Fowle Meleney.

More monster beads.

A bunch of different beads.


My friend is being challenged to make a frosted clear set of beads for a necklace and earrings. I thought I’d try to make a bead out of just clear glass as clear tends to scum and bubble. I thought the only way it would look like something other than a plain blank bead was to make it sculptural. I think adding some silver bead caps and coring it with silver tubing would make this plain bead look more finished.


Excuse the bad picture, this is a little dangle with a paw print on it. Thought my friend could use it in her pendant piece she is making.


Here’s a little dinosaur I made for Beads Of Courage charity. I think I’ll make more in different colors. I hope kids will like them.


I’m trying to clean up my torching table by using up all my glass rods shorts. I made some plain transparent beads. I suppose I could have put some decorations on them but I was thinking that a plain necklace or bracelet out of these would look good.

I bought a new water bottle in bright pink!! Of course I had to decorate it with a bead. The bead is made out of Double Helix Clio. I’m silver glass challenged so I’m happy if I get any color out of silver glass. The bead caps are copper washers that I distressed with a hammer.


This is my poor attempt with Double Helix Clio silver glass. The colors aren’t as vivid  in person though I know they can be. I’ve seen other people’s beads in person and they are really bright fuschia.These are just Clio encased with Effetre clear.

I’m trying to make something that looks like old buttons. Trying out a bunch of different colors.


A gal on Lampwork Etc. wrote a tutorial to make these striped cabochons. This is my first attempt. I couldn’t get my top to be all neat and nice so I added the flower to cover up the crooked point.

Flower ring made one a Noodlesauras mandrel. They have them sized in ring sizes.

Not really a beads because I put copper legs onto these baby birds. The big one is about an inch in diameter.

Some triangle beads and a flower button. Trying out the glass my German friend sent me.

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