Jewelry 2009

Here’s some pieces that I made in 2009.

The viking knit was made with 26 gauge wire and the copper beads were made with 18 gauge wire wrapped around a dowel. It’s finished off with a copper chain and clasp.

This is a matching bracelet to the necklace.

This piece won first place in the 2009 Rings and Things contest, Mostly Metal category. It’s so exciting to win!!

I didn’t make this in 2009, it was earlier. I entered it in the 2009 Rings and Things contest and got an honorable mention. It’s made out of sterling silver that I textured using a rolling mill. I punched out dragonflies in handmade paper for the design.

Made this necklace for Easter/Spring. I think it’s cute.

I was fortunate to take a enameling class from Susan Lenart Kazmer at Art Unraveled. It was a blast. This is what I made in the class.

Pretty in pink sweets!!

My friend made the copper bead by riveting it together with tubing. Added some simple abstract flat glass beads to finish off this pendant.

The toggle clasp is made out of metal clay and the rest is sterling silver with small lampwork beads.

This is made out of metal clay. It’s a stick with a loop at the bottom with a heart hung with a jump ring. The glass beads are a combination of furnace glass and lampwork beads.

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