Kitty Bits

Here’s where to find pictures of my kitties and other kitty friends. I’m not one that just happens to catch my cats in precarious situations. I don’t know how people do that. I usually get shots like these.

My sister took this picture of Igor.


Look who’s hiding. Igor thinks no one can see him. He’s so silly.

In my attempt to get another good shot of both kitties together, when I noticed Igor sitting in the kitchen sink and Marley walking around the counter, I pushed her into the sink but she wouldn’t pose for the picture.

I was able to get a good pictures of Igor though. Here it is.

He’s such a dork!!

I got a picture of both my kitties together!! Yeah!!

And they are in their own beds. Igor will sleep in any bed. When I got him, I bought the bigger fluffy bed for him but he took over the small one. Marley now only sleeps in the big one, hence her pink blanket is there. Igor has his blue blanket on his bed. Course, he’s only half way in it. Their beds are sitting near my mom’s sewing machine. They like to nap there in the afternoons while she sews. Aren’t they cute?

Igor likes to get in the way. Here he is in my mom’s quilt box.

This is a new picture of Marley. She’s being lazy.

Marley doesn’t look too happy about having her picture taken.

I’m still trying to get a good picture of Marley (left) and Igor (right). Even though they aren’t supposed to be on the kitchen counter, I wanted to get a picture before they moved. Guess I’ll keep trying…..

On the left is Igor and on the right is Marley. Although Igor follows Marley around, she would rather he didn’t. It’s hard getting a picture of them together. This was the best one so far.

Igor, kicking back getting ready for a nap.

This is one of the first pictures I got of Igor after I adopted him in June 2010

Marley was six months old when I got her. She has her belly shaved because she just got spayed. She was still kind of little for her age.

Marley isn’t that inquisitive so it was surprising she is taking an interest in the rubber ducky.

Marley likes to help me when I’m sorting out my jewelry.

Isn’t Marley cute? She is resting on my mom’s fabric.

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