The Mandrel’s Frit

While I was taking the silver glass class last week at The Mandrel, Donna had made some new frit colors. Of course I had to buy some to try. The first one is called Blueberry Stains. I really like it. It’s subtle and seems to work on a variety of base colors.

The frit looks different on the different color bases. I think this frit works well on both dark and light color bases.

This next one is called Berry-licious. I like it too. I need to try it on different base colors. It’s more of a transparent frit and I love, love, love the bright fuchsia color.

I used different color base beads and the first bead with the dots on it was too close to the frit color. This frit looks good on lighter colors, though I haven’t tested it on too many dark colored glasses.

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