Class Beads

I’m taking a glass class this weekend with Kimberly Affleck. It’s a fun class. She does more organic or free form beads. I rarely make them because I can’t seem to slap stuff on and get it to turn out looking good. Kimberly knows about glass!!

These are the beads we made the first day.

The first one we made is on the right. The big ivory egg. Mine looks like an egg because I didn’t shaped it well. Kimberly was showing us how to form a bead without using tools and also how to get the striations in ivory. The next bead we made is the bottom one with the black lines in it. Mine would look better if I put end caps on it but I ran out of room on my mandrel. The last one is the flower bead. By then I was getting tired. We use different COE glass to make the flowers to get the intense color. I could have made a bigger bead but I ran out of steam.

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