Enamel Test Heart

Since I’ve been working with wire and making spirals on the ends of wire to enamel  – see below pix….

I thought why not try a heart like this. After I wound the wire around my heart shape, I realized that it would have been easier to make the heart with a side open so it would be easier to wind the wire around it so on the next one I’ll try that. I coated it with enamel the best that I could. I have a zillion colors but really tiny quantities which makes dipping big pieces into the enamel hard to do. I have to dip in sections. This one I used three colors, a dark blue, yellow and white. After I put all the colors on, I didn’t like it. I tried to reduce the enamel to bring out the oxides in it. I didn’t get good results so I fumed the whole thing with silver. It’s hard to tell but in person the shine from the silver shows. I like it much better this way. It gives it an organic look which goes with the heart.

Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet…..

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