Animal Beads

My cousin’s quilt club is participating in another show and she asked me to make more beads, especially the animal beads. I need to give them to her next weekend so I tried to make as many as I could on Sunday. That is after I weeded through all the junk emails I got when I as gone on vacation.

I’ve made the birds and bunnies before. Since I don’t really have any time to be experimenting I’m going with the beads I can make fairly quickly and know are already successful.

Hey!! What’s that interloper doing in there? It’s a toad that wants to be a kitty. Good thing kitties like to play with toads.

Chickens. I didn’t make any of these for my cousin’s last show. Not sure how popular they will be.

I have one more torch day to make as many animal beads as I can. I’m hoping I will be able to give my cousin about 30 animal beads. I’ve got my work cut out for me.

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