Big Hole Beads

I’m trying to make some big hole beads for a friend. She has a Pandora bracelets and wants some glass beads to string on it. I don’t normally make big hole beads to fit Pandora bracelets. There are challenges. Like the size. The hole has to be big enough so it fits on the bracelet and I can’t make a massive bead to use on a bracelet. It’s hard decorating such a small bead. I don’t know how other do it. There are also issues with coring the beads with sterling silver tubing. The bead needs to be symmetrical with a good hole. No ragged edges around the hole, else when I core it, the bead will crack. I did crack a few beads – I hate that. Course, it’s always the ones I like. I did get these done and plan to make a few more before showing them to her.

Left one is a blue base with purple frit on it. The middle two are silver glass. That’s the best I can do with the color. As you all know I’m silver glass challenged. The right one is an opal yellow base with enamels on it. I meandered a opal yellow stringer around the middle to add interest. I plan to make more blue and purple ones soon.

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