Colored Pencil On Metal Collaboration

My sister is here for the holidays and she wanted to make a colored pencil on copper pendant. She colored the copper piece and we collaborated on the design. She wanted it to be a brooch so I worked on those components while my sister struggled to saw the sterling silver piece out. I took over the sawing process and sent her off to find some #65 size drill bits. She came back from the store with a $3.99 pack of different sized drill bits. Must have had 40 bits in that package, all combined together. After sorting them out and finding the one I needed I attempted to drill with it. I couldn’t get a hole drilled all the way through which should have been easy for a brand new drill bit. I had to use one that was a bit bigger. It’s best to use the right size holes when riveting so it was a little more difficult. Here’s the finished results.


I would have liked more surface texture to the piece as I like the contrast but this is what my sister wanted. I think she did a great job on the colored piece. ColoredPencilOnMetalPin-Back

This is the back. I know I didn’t do a very good finishing job but I did get the pin back worked out. I don’t do that many pin backs and have never done one like this before.

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