Another New Ring

I wanted to make a band ring with silver filings fused onto it and square wire on the sides. I got the silver filings fused on just fine and one side of the square wire, the other side soldered on crooked so I removed it and started over. I accidentally cut a new piece of square wire in a different gauge and soldered it on before I realized it wasn’t the same as the other side. Decided to melt one side to give it an organic look rather than taking it off again. Then I sawed the end off a bit short and even with stretching the metal a bit on my ring mandrel I couldn’t get it to fit the finger I wanted to wear the ring on. So I cut it and decided to add a cab. Looked through my stash, couldn’t find a cab that I liked. I didn’t want to buy one, went on a scavenger hunt looking for something that would fit. Found a small flat pebble. But not flat enough to bezel set. What to do, what to do? Decided to drill a hole in the pebble and rivet it to a piece of metal. Here’s the finished ring.

SilverFilingsAndRockRing SilverFilingsAndRockRing4Thought it would be a little heavy but I’ve been wearing it for a whole day and don’t even notice it there. Sometimes mistakes can be changed into something that looks like it’s planned out. I’m happy with the way this turned out.

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