Beads and More Beads

More beads that I made this week.


Turquoise enamels with copper blue frit on top. Reminds me of a sea mist.

RegularCoralShardBeads2 MangoCoralShardBeads2

Two sets of silvered coral shards on ivory with dots of fine silver and etched.


Cosmic copper shards on ivory with dots of fine silver and etched for a matte look.

GardenBeads-Etched2Garden beads – Copper green base beads rolled in turquoise enamel, a layer of silver foil and purple rose frit. These have been etched.


My bad attempt at striking color glass beads. They should turn a bunch of different colors. I’d be happy if mine turned any color.


Another set of biscotti and coffee grounds frit encased.

Black-AuraeStringerBeads2Black beads with thin strands of silver glass around the middle.


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