Giggle With A Jiggle Shawl

This was a fun, fun shawl to knit. Pattern by Mindy Ross. Just love all her patterns. Still working my way through her whole collection. This one is her latest pattern.

Blocked1 Blocked3

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Another Scarf

I wish the weather would cool down a bit so I can get back to making beads. It’s WAY too hot in my garage to sit out there for even a short while. I’ve been staying inside out of the heat – knitting. Have some extra skeins of Rowan’s Kid Silk Haze that I bought trying to match/coordinate colors and ended up with some that didn’t work out. Decided to use the yarn for one skein scarves. Finished this one last week.

ChaliceScarf4 ChaliceScarf3

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Another Knitted Project – Done

This one is called Reverse Psychology by Mindy Ross.

ReversePsychology ReversePsychology3

I have yet to figure out a good way to take pictures of shawls and scarves. This one is really long, no way I could take a picture of it laid out. Really fun knit!!

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Dangling Conversation

This is a Mindy Ross design. I used a cotton yarn that is actually 4 strands of thread that change to another color after so many yards. This was a fun, easy project.

DanglingConversation-Done DanglingConversation-Done3

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Another Knit Project

Made this shawl for a friend’s birthday.



DragonflyWings-Judy3Couldn’t get the whole thing in one picture. Will have to work on that.

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Knitting Again

Finally got these two projects blocked and pictures taken.


This is a cowl. Interesting way to knit it. No seams.

Fluff-2nd2Used the Fluff pattern since I wanted a simple design since one yarn was fuzzy and the other a boucle.

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Couple Of Knitting Projects

I finished this hat for my friend. It’s the same as the one I made for me except different colors.


And another shawl. The color didn’t turn out in the photo. It has some light grayish blue in it too. Really fun to knit. Finished2

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Finally Finished This Poncho/Shawl

This took me a couple months to finish. It’s a pattern by Ilga Leja – Lady Of The Forest. The instructions were one of the best well-written ones I’ve ever used. I didn’t like the yarn I choose for this as it’s on the rough side. After blocking it softened up some but I probably will never use it again. I do like they long colorways in this yarn though.

Finished1 FinishedBack

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New Knits

Finished to knit projects….

A slouchy hat made out of Rowan Kidsilk Haze


And another shawl, same as the last one except out of different yarns. One of them has beads and sequins in it.


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Purple Scarf

I just finished knitting this purple scarf. I had some leftover yarn from the shawl so I decided to use it in this scarf. I still have enough yarn to make another scarf just like this, though I’m giving purple a break for now.

Finished-Blocked2I have yet to figure out a way to display my knitted items well.

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