Boo Knits Changeling

Another Boo Knits shawl done!! I just love her patterns. Easy to follow and both written and charted instructions.


Used Miss Babs Wild Silk and Rowan Kidsilk Haze yarn leftover from previous projects.

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Bright Tomorrow Shawl

Another Boo Knits shawl…..

finished3This was a really fun knit and was quite fast too. Used Miss Babs Wild Silk for the yarn.


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Danse Macabre Shawl

A new Boo Knits shawl called Danse Macabre. Was a lot of fun to knit.

finished1Made out of Dye Diana Dye Tussalin silk yarn and etched czech beads.

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More Knitted Items

Got a few more done….


This is an interesting cowl that looks better worn. I like the way it looks and probably will make more. It’s really quick and easy.

finishedThis is another quick and easy cowl that doesn’t show the lace pattern very well. It looks better when worn.

finished1Another Boo shawl called Sweet Dreams. It’s a smaller shawl, really quick to knit. Made out of Dye Diana Dye Tussalin yarn.


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Another Shawl

This is another Boo Knits designed shawl. I finished it a while ago and never got around to blocking it until yesterday.


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Boo Knits Taboo

Just off the blocking board. This was designed by Boo Knits. Just love her lace patterns.

finished1Used Miss Babs Wild Silk lace weight yarn. It’s like thick thread.

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Fluffy Fluff

I’ve made this scarf 4 times and this if the first one I’ve done out of mohair. Makes it light and fluffy. This is a really quick knit.


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Another Shawl

Not sure if I like this one. I like the airy and light look but not the color.

RumAndCola2It’s got beads in the body and through the lace. Hard to see since they match the yarn. Used Malabrigo Silkpaca yarn.


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Third Reverse Psychology

I just love this design by Mindy Ross. Yep, it’s the third one I’ve knitted.

PurpleRain1Yarn is from Jazz Handz Fusion Fibers on Etsy.

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Some New Stuff

A quick and easy cuff style bracelet…

CopperCuffWithBeads6GaugeUses 6 gauge round copper wire, flattened and textured.

And another knitted cowl….

JeweledCowl1Made out of llama and has over 700 beads.

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