More Knitted Items

Got a few more done….


This is an interesting cowl that looks better worn. I like the way it looks and probably will make more. It’s really quick and easy.

finishedThis is another quick and easy cowl that doesn’t show the lace pattern very well. It looks better when worn.

finished1Another Boo shawl called Sweet Dreams. It’s a smaller shawl, really quick to knit. Made out of Dye Diana Dye Tussalin yarn.


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Shawls and Scarves

Been working on several knits…..

Fins-OnTableLove the shape of this one. It’s got a lot of beading but it’s hard to see so here’s a close up:


Then something similar in pattern but without the “fins” shaping:


And one with no beads:


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Another Giggle With A Jiggle Shawl

This is the third Giggle With A Jiggle shawl by Mindy Ross I’ve knitted. A really fun pattern to knit.


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Beaded Ornaments

This is a pattern by Heather Collin. These are kind of fun and can be used as ornaments or pendants or just hanging decorations. Just finished these three. Need to get more beads to make more.

TurquoiseOrnament PinkOrnament PurpleOrnament

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New Shawl

Just got this one blocked. This is Giggle With A Jiggle by Mindy Ross pattern. It’s the second Giggle I’ve made. Did this one with fringe.


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Seed Bead Bracelet

Got back from the High Sierras on Saturday. I always pick up a seed bead kit to make while I’m there since there’s no TV or Internet. This bracelet was designed by Laura McCabe. Her patterns and instructions are awesome!! So easy to follow. This one is called Eiffel Tower Bracelet. The Swarvorski gemstones sit up from the base on four “prongs” with a beaded bezel. Very ingenious design, though the bracelet is a bit too gaudy for me. Took me 6 days to complete.


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Two More Friendship Bracelets

I’ve been wearing two bracelets all week long at work to see how well they hold up. So far so good. And they are really comfortable. I thought about wearing them to bed to give them the real test but have yet to try it. I’m not used to wearing jewelry to bed, except earrings that I never take off. These are two more that I finished.


These bracelets are a lot of fun to make.

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Friendship Bracelets

I need a make it and take it project that only uses a few tools and supplies and is really quick to make. I came up with these friendship bracelets.


They are made out of glass seed beads and various copper beads and pearls. I added a chain tassel.  Every project comes with it’s challenges. I usually buy the heaviest beading wire as it works the best with lampworked beads but it wouldn’t fit through pearl holes. Digging in my endless stash of stuff, I found an old roll of thinner beading wire. Yay!! Then I came to making the tassel. I’m using these old base metal copper plated necklaces and cutting them up. The chain is so fine that I’d have to use a very thin piece of copper wire to fit through the chain which wouldn’t be the best choice as it’s not hard enough to hold up to much abuse. Fortunately, the necklaces use a bigger ring the the clasp and there’s one on each end. It’s some kind of base metal and even though it’s thin it’s hard enough to be pulled on without bending the ring. Problem solved!! These are really fun as any combination of beads can be used.

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Red Cord Flower Necklace

I like the way this one turned out. But then I like red and pink. And on a black dress or top, I think it would look great.

I did this one a little differently. Not that anyone can tell. I made the flowers with a hole all the way through, instead of making them on a copper wire. I sewed them directly onto the cord. I thought it would be easier to place the flowers but it’s still a little difficult to get them where I want them.


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Badge Holders

I got a few badge holders made for a gal in my mom’s quilting class. She wanted something in neutral colors which is tough for me since I only use them if I have to. I still wanted to give her more than one choice.

This is the first one I made and I thought she would choose this one and I guess right.

What’s weird about this one is I bought brown seed beads but they look purple with a tinge of brown cast to them. They worked out for this badge holder but I was a bit disappointed when I got them. I really like opal yellow glass with purple stringer.

This one has Amber’s Fire Opal beads in it. They have some silver glass in them and I’m not that at all proficient with it. I’m attempting to try to learn.

Sorry for the crappy photos. This is what happens when it’s late and I’m tired and don’t want to take pictures.

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