Christmas Tree In April

I had to make an ornament so I did this sterling silver tree with beaded wire, soldered onto copper.


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Practice Piece

After taking Joanna Gollberg’s class I wanted to practice what I learned. This was supposed to be a bracelet but it turned out really chunky and I lost one of the stones and a setting. So I turned it into a necklace. It’s still chunky and I would like to have more stones which I might add at a later date.

JoannaGollbergPracticePieceI’m happy I’m getting the hang of soldering several points without melting anything.

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More Message Tube Lockets

I made four more. I made the glass cabs to use in these.


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Box Bead Necklace and Other Things

Finally got around to making a silver box bead necklace. Had to add some glass beads too.


Also finished another message locket pendant.

MessageLocket-BlueI used a glass bullet cab on the top and domed the bottom.


I wanted to practice what I learned in Joanna Gollberg’s glass so I did a prong setting for the lavender CZ. The cabochon is glass with enamels and frit on it.


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Joanna Gollberg Class

I took a class with Joanna Gollberg. I learned a lot. Here’s some things I made in class.


Earrings. I added the bows to cover up the jump rings since I made one in class and the other at home, I used different size jump rings. Oops.


Little pendant so I could try the double decker setting.


RingDrusy ring. Sorry about the blurriness. Couldn’t get a good picture.

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Message Tube Locket Pendant And Cuff Bracelet

This was in the latest Art Jewelry magazine. I made it a bit differently, using tubing instead of forming the tubes myself and added the stones on both ends. Instead of wire, I used chain to hold the bottom and lid together.

MessageTubeLocket-Together MessageTubeLocket

I wanted a simple cuff type bracelet for casual wear. This is what I came up with.



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Feather and Stone Pendant

This was supposed to be for a bracelet but I made the feather too big so now it’s a pendant.


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More Metalwork Stuff

Got another set of stacking rings done…..


And I decided to finally try drilling stones. I cracked some long and thin stones but got some done. I had one oval one I drilled in the middle. Decided to try doing a stone on a stone piece. Here’s the results…..

The bottom stone is like a river stone so I had to prong set it since the bottom wasn’t even. There’s two piece of silver soldered together but it’s hard to tell since I put some twisted wire around the outside of the first layer. For my first setting like this, I’m fairly pleased. đŸ™‚


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It’s Been A While

Gosh, I haven’t added anything for a while. I haven’t been out making beads for a couple of months due to hurting my back. Still been making things, just not beads.Eggs1

EggPendants Beaded a bunch of eggs and made them into pendants. These were have a wooden egg shaped core.

BagMade a crochet barrel bag to hold my knitting projects. This bag too FOREVER to make. I wanted the bag to be sturdy and crochet tightly. Made with Shibui Twig yarn.

Ecru BlueMix OmbreKnitted some dish cloths for Christmas presents. These are made out of 100% cotton yarn.

FiveWrapBracelet FiveWrapBracelet1FiveWrapBracelet2Made a few leather, string and beaded bracelets. Uses some deer antler buttons for the clasps.

Bail ForgedCollarTook Fred Zweig’s class on forged collars. Was able to make a couple collars and a bail. Really fun class. Fred has so much knowledge and is willing to share everything he knows.

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My Finished Vessel Necklace

I got the chain part done yesterday and started working on a topper for the lid of my vessel today. It didn’t turn out like I wanted and I thought of another idea AFTER making this so I’ll have to remember to use the ideas next time.

PaulineWargVesselClass-Finished-SmallAdded some rocks for added interest.

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