Message Tube Locket Pendant And Cuff Bracelet

This was in the latest Art Jewelry magazine. I made it a bit differently, using tubing instead of forming the tubes myself and added the stones on both ends. Instead of wire, I used chain to hold the bottom and lid together.

MessageTubeLocket-Together MessageTubeLocket

I wanted a simple cuff type bracelet for casual wear. This is what I came up with.



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Vessel Necklaces

Got these done for an order…..











Vessel10Lots of vessel necklaces!! All with bead topped cork stoppers.

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More Vessels and Beads

PurpleVesselInk blue with gold powder left raised….

TurquoiseVesselTransparent turquoise with turquoise enamels on bottom….

BlackSilveredIvoryVesselBlack with silvered ivory shards…..

SpringDaisiesTiny flower spacer beads…..


Pink and green hollow bead set….

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Glass Vessels

Made a couple of glass vessels.

GreenEnamelVessel GreenSilveredIvoryShardVessel2


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Pink Vessel

Okay, I copied. Or I tried to copy. I saw someone else’s vessel using what I thought were these colors and it was gorgeous so I thought I give it a try. Mine didn’t turn out the same, not even close.  Back to the color board…..

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I made these a while ago but never posted pictures of them. I was thinking about making more sometime in the near future.

They are a tad bit time consuming but fun to make.

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