Shard Pendant

I finally got around to cutting up an old mug to use pieces in my jewelry. The middle swirl is a piece of the mug. The top piece is a polished stone, not sure what it is, maybe mookaite??


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New Bracelet

I bought these two pieces of Chinese Writing Stone eons ago. Finally got a chance to use them.

ChineseWritingStoneBraceletI really like how this turned out even though it’s a simple and easy bracelet. When worn it’s really comfy, can’t even feel it on my wrist.

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Couple Of Rings


This ring is a remake. I wasn’t loving the original so I removed the bezel and replaced it with one that is patterned. I thought it would be too busy but since the stone is a simple round stone, I think it looks better.


RawAmethystRingAlso put this one together. Features a raw amethyst.

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A Ring


Bought some patterned wire and wanted to make a ring for myself.

FlouriteRingThe stone is fluorite.


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More Message Tube Lockets

I made four more. I made the glass cabs to use in these.


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Box Bead Necklace and Other Things

Finally got around to making a silver box bead necklace. Had to add some glass beads too.


Also finished another message locket pendant.

MessageLocket-BlueI used a glass bullet cab on the top and domed the bottom.


I wanted to practice what I learned in Joanna Gollberg’s glass so I did a prong setting for the lavender CZ. The cabochon is glass with enamels and frit on it.


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Message Tube Locket Pendant And Cuff Bracelet

This was in the latest Art Jewelry magazine. I made it a bit differently, using tubing instead of forming the tubes myself and added the stones on both ends. Instead of wire, I used chain to hold the bottom and lid together.

MessageTubeLocket-Together MessageTubeLocket

I wanted a simple cuff type bracelet for casual wear. This is what I came up with.



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Stacking Rings

I threw these together this morning…..

StackingRingsI even cheated and colored in the fake patina on the heart with a black Sharpie. The two set stones I used pre-made bezels and the brass ball is casting grain.

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New Bracelet

I bought these awesome dichroic cabochons from a gal in the UK. Her pieces sell out within seconds and I kept missing out so she made these especially for me.


I bezel set the cabs into sterling silver. Love the way this turned out.

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Glass Cabochons

Still trying to make larger glass cabs. These are my latest tries.

RedSilverGlassTriangleCufflinks SilverGlassCuffLinks RedTriangleCufflinks2 GreenTwistieCuffLinks Black-OY-TurquoiseCabs-Cufflinks

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