Christmas Tree In April

I had to make an ornament so I did this sterling silver tree with beaded wire, soldered onto copper.


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Stacking Rings

I threw these together this morning…..

StackingRingsI even cheated and colored in the fake patina on the heart with a black Sharpie. The two set stones I used pre-made bezels and the brass ball is casting grain.

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Keychains, Charms And Dangles

Getting ready for the next craft show.

DichroicKeychains MochiTrees3 Misc2 Kitties3 Kitties2 RiceBalls4

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Last Zipper Pulls/Charms

This is the last batch for a while….. I hope.

Characters8 Characters7

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What Else? Zipper Pulls and Dangles

Yep, got some more done.

Shells Kitties1 Characters6

Running out of ideas for character beads. Tried a horse. Came out of the kiln looking more like an alien than a horse.

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More Zipper Pull/Charms

I have to figure out a way to take pictures of these things. Hanging them isn’t working. They move around and the pictures turn out blurry. And after dropping them twice behind my desk I gave up on getting any good pictures.

Characters3 Characters2 Characters1 Characters4 Characters5


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I got an order for some mushroom charms….


I fumed the ivory stems to make them look more like mushrooms. Kind of gives it a in the dirt look.


Other more colorful mushrooms. These are fun to make.

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More Charms

I made some charms for e-cigarette device dangles. These are supposed to hang off a o-ring.

Bunny1 Bunny2











Owl2 Owl1













KissyFish1 KissyFish2























Chicken BlueMushroom





















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More Clip Charms

Made more beads for clip charms. Glad these are easy and quick to make.


Got a couple of other beads done.  I’m kind of liking the bee bead. It’s just too cute!! Bee-Fish


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Clip On Charms

I made a bunch of random beads for cell phone/zipper pulls last night:


I quickly put together these clip on charms. I think the clip gives them more versatility. And they are quick to make. Going to work on more beads like this tonight.


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