Square Chip Beads and Sterling Silver Charms

I’m sure getting tired of making square chip beads. I think my idea of making them in all colors isn’t going to happen. These are the ones I finished up so far this weekend.


And some new sterling silver charms that I’ve been working on for weeks. Finally got around to finishing them up.


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A Few Other Things….

I made up a few gifts for someone that helped me out this week. Nothing big, just some little surprises.

PurpleGothGirlA purple goth girl.

OcelotAnd a special charm dangle.

Also got another set of red/opal yellow beads done and some veiled cane orange beads.


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Round Sterling Silver Charms

These are hollow too. I used sterling silver tubing for these so they are slightly easier to make than the other shaped ones.



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Sterling Silver Hollow Charms

These are part of my Modern Talisman Component line which is different pieces that can be mixed and matched.


These are tiny, like less than 1/2 inch at the largest point. Except the last one. Not sure what I’m going to use that one for yet.

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Last Key Chains and Key Finders

I think this is the last ones I’ll be making this year.

KeyChains-Halloween-Fish KeyFinders-Misc

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Glass Head Pins

I was trying to think of a way to make some pretty head pins for the cell phone charms and zipper pulls I make. I found some stainless steel wire, cut it into pieces and melted some glass to make the little balls on the end of the wire.


The wire came out of the kiln a really metallic blue. Pretty neato. But I didn’t want to leave them like that so I polished it off.

These are a few charms that I made with the glass head pins. I need to test them and see how well they hold up.




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Kokeshi Doll Bead Necklaces

These beads are cursed. I’ve never had this much trouble with any bead except when I tried to encase yellow with clear. I usually have several made by this time of year but things keep happening to them. I  flung two across the room when I picked up the towel they were laying on. While these beads can take a beating, hitting a hard floor and having them bounced around, well, I don’t need to say more.


This one I used sterling silver bail and chain.

KokeshiDollRedI used brass chain and finding on this one. And I added dangles.

I’m hoping to make a few more kokeshi doll beads this weekend out of some different colors.

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Charm Necklace

I put together three charms I made onto a sterling silver ball chain. I added the clasp as those connector things are too hard to take apart and put back together.

ThreeCharmNecklaceI stamped the little rectangle tag with a Kanji character – Happiness and made the bead that is cored with silver tubing. The triangle charm is made with scraps of silver that I’ve accumulated. I want to use some of the bronze clay pieces in necklaces like this.

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Geometric Charms

I made a few more charms to go with the square charms.

SmallSterlingSilverGeometricCharmsI didn’t shine up the circle and triangle one and I’m thinking I like the matte look better so I might matte the squares up too. I’m not planning on using more than one charm per necklace so it probably doesn’t matter that much though. These are all hollow sterling silver and tiny. It’s on 2mm ball chain to give an idea of size.

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