Some New Stuff

A quick and easy cuff style bracelet…

CopperCuffWithBeads6GaugeUses 6 gauge round copper wire, flattened and textured.

And another knitted cowl….

JeweledCowl1Made out of llama and has over 700 beads.

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Soy Candles

Soy candles are so expensive, I made my own.

Of course I had to add a bead to the top of the containers. Was kind of a challenge punching a hole into the tin. Next time I’m going to use glass jars as the lids are easy to work with.

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Previously Made Big Hole Beads

I made these last year….

PurpleBHBSet-1 TurquoiseCoralBHBSet-1

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Set Of Big Hole Beads

I’m having fun making these big hole dot beads.

DirtyMartini-Pink-CoralBHBSet-1These are coral, aloe vera green and pink with some dots of silver glass here and there.

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Camo Paracord Keychains

Made these for a customer that buys stuff from me every year.

CopperCapped Pix1 Pix2 Pix3The first pictures shows the whole thing. They are made out of real paracord. All will have split rings but I was too lazy to add them for these pictures. These are supposed to be for guys so I tried to stick with more masculine colors for the beads. I cored the beads with copper tubing.

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Lots Of Big Hole Beads

Just finished this order up…..


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Last Of The Hollow Bead Necklaces

Finished up these today…..

DarkPinkMicrobeadsNecklace TurquoiseMicrobeadsNecklace PinkMicrobeadNecklace LilacMicrobeadsNecklace

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Three More Hollow Bead Necklaces

Finished these up today.

SilverMicrobeadNecklace LightBlueMicrobeadNecklace RedMicrobeadNecklace

Have three more to make.

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More Hollow Bead Necklaces

Got two more done.

PurpleMicrobeadsNecklace GreenMicrobeadNecklace-2nd

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Another Hollow Bead Necklace

Got an order for 10 of these….


Just have nine more to make.

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