Soy Candles

Soy candles are so expensive, I made my own.

Of course I had to add a bead to the top of the containers. Was kind of a challenge punching a hole into the tin. Next time I’m going to use glass jars as the lids are easy to work with.

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It’s Been A While

Gosh, I haven’t added anything for a while. I haven’t been out making beads for a couple of months due to hurting my back. Still been making things, just not beads.Eggs1

EggPendants Beaded a bunch of eggs and made them into pendants. These were have a wooden egg shaped core.

BagMade a crochet barrel bag to hold my knitting projects. This bag too FOREVER to make. I wanted the bag to be sturdy and crochet tightly. Made with Shibui Twig yarn.

Ecru BlueMix OmbreKnitted some dish cloths for Christmas presents. These are made out of 100% cotton yarn.

FiveWrapBracelet FiveWrapBracelet1FiveWrapBracelet2Made a few leather, string and beaded bracelets. Uses some deer antler buttons for the clasps.

Bail ForgedCollarTook Fred Zweig’s class on forged collars. Was able to make a couple collars and a bail. Really fun class. Fred has so much knowledge and is willing to share everything he knows.

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Keychains, Charms And Dangles

Getting ready for the next craft show.

DichroicKeychains MochiTrees3 Misc2 Kitties3 Kitties2 RiceBalls4

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Few More Things

Another dichroic bead set….


And a set of coral silvered shards on ivory….CoralSilveredShardIvory2Two more Christmas tree ornaments…..

XmasTree2 XmasTree1

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New Keychains

Finished these up recently……


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New Big Hole Beads

A couple more in some new colors.


The left one is more purple. The one on the right I was hoping the color would be more transparent so I could layer other colors underneath but it’s definitely an opaque white.

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Keychain with Teapot Take Two

Another keychain with a teapot attached.



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Pinky Purple Hollow Bead

I made these bead a while ago, then realized I didn’t have the right color of anodized aluminum to make the bead caps. Ordered some, waited two weeks for it, never got it, had to call the company and they sent out a new package. This one is pinkish purple with pink microbeads filling the inside.


PinkPurpleMicrobeadsTwo different views. It’s cored with sterling silver tubing and the glass is veiled cane so it has striations in it.

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Keychain With Teapot

Just put together this keychain. It was a special request including a teapot.


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Last Zipper Pulls/Charms

This is the last batch for a while….. I hope.

Characters8 Characters7

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