It’s Been A While

Gosh, I haven’t added anything for a while. I haven’t been out making beads for a couple of months due to hurting my back. Still been making things, just not beads.Eggs1

EggPendants Beaded a bunch of eggs and made them into pendants. These were have a wooden egg shaped core.

BagMade a crochet barrel bag to hold my knitting projects. This bag too FOREVER to make. I wanted the bag to be sturdy and crochet tightly. Made with Shibui Twig yarn.

Ecru BlueMix OmbreKnitted some dish cloths for Christmas presents. These are made out of 100% cotton yarn.

FiveWrapBracelet FiveWrapBracelet1FiveWrapBracelet2Made a few leather, string and beaded bracelets. Uses some deer antler buttons for the clasps.

Bail ForgedCollarTook Fred Zweig’s class on forged collars. Was able to make a couple collars and a bail. Really fun class. Fred has so much knowledge and is willing to share everything he knows.

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Raku Disc Beads

For a custom order…..


And a couple of shank buttons…..


Few more beads and a button…Toni-RakuButtons

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Two More Sets Of Beads

Two new sets…..AncientWatercolorHollows2This set has five hollow beads, used transparent enamel on them and boiled it a bit to give them a rustic look. The first time I made these I used different glass and all the beads came out of the kiln cracked due to incompatibility between the glass and enamels. Oops.

LisaDonation This was the set that had all the cracked hollow but I made enough extra beads and added some that I made previously for this set. It’s also got a shank button.

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Beads and Buttons

More beads and buttons…..

OpalYellowEnamelsBeads2 OpalYellowVarietyBeads2 OpalYellowEnamelBeads2 OpalYellow-PurpleVarietyBeads2 Pix2 Pix5 Pix4 Pix3 Pix1

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Back To Glass

Finally getting back to making beads and buttons after the holidays…..

TwistieButtons DotButtons SmallBeads

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Rustic Pendant

Playing with low melt solder and impressing images into molten solder. Wanted to see how it took color and how if it could be drilled, punched and hammered on.  I added a little cab bezel with low melt solder to see how well it would hold. So far, so good. After I was done with testing, I had this piece so I added a few eyelets for a chain and made it into a necklace.

The reason for the bow is because I punched in the wrong spot. While I like asymmetrical, an off center dangle just looks weird. So I had to add another hole. Two dangles wasn’t cutting it either. I tried a few other options, nothing that worked. I added the mother of pearl button to the chain later and I think it helped to pull the piece together.

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Earrings – Yes Earrings

I don’t usually make earrings. There’s something about making the exact same thing twice that I just don’t like. I don’t mind similar but most people want earrings to match. I’ve done my best here even though these are the crappiest pictures I’ve taken in a while. BiwaPearlEarrings

I had to retake this picture, it was so bad. I love Biwa pearls. Hopefully other people do too.


I bought these mother of pearl buttons a while ago. Never knew what to do with them. A few jump rings and a little round gemstone bead works well with the buttons, don’t you think?

RockEarrings RockEarrings2

These are hard to see. They are drilled river rocks. I tried to match them up as well as I could. And by this time, I got tired of making the same earring so I did the wires all different on these.


More round pearl – it’s hard to tell those are pearls and another set that I made round earrings and threaded some beads onto it. Easy peasy.


Also, some clip charms that never got posted.

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More Miscelleny

Not sure what direction I was going in last night. Made more leaves…..


Then decided to try to make a round two hole button. They are tricky as they glass is wrapped around the two prongs which ends up being oval. Building up glass on each side and melting it in makes it move to places where it’s not supposed to be. Here’s my attempts:


Still need some practice on the buttons. Then I ended up with a bunch of short rods of glass on my table. I decided to make simple drop beads.


Might make more of these, they are kind of fun and hopefully people will like them at the bead show.

The last thing I made was a little kitty:


Course, I plan to make more of these in different colors for the bead show.

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Course, More Beads and Buttons

I’m going to start making some larger beads so I’ll have an assortment of beads to sell at the bead show just in case I run out of time or something.

PurpleSet Buttons3 MiscBeads2 AtlantisEggplantBeads Buttons2That’s it for this week. I’m planning on doing some larger beads next week

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Beads, Beads and More

Yep, more beads.

MiscBeads SilveredIvoryBeads Buttons1And some buttons that I’m really rusty at making. I’m going to have to put in more practice time on these. What’s nice about making buttons is I don’t have to clean bead holes in the morning.

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