Yo-Yo Flower Pins

I cut the fabric for these and made one up. I’m not crazy about these. But since I cut the fabric and got everything prepared, I went ahead and finished them up. Maybe someone will like them.

FlowerYoyoPinsThey are made out of hand dyed rayon velvet and cotton batik fabric. I backed them with wool felt flowers.

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One More Kokeshi Doll Bead Necklace

I used a black silk ribbon on this one. I made the glass end caps and button clasp to make the length of the necklace adjustable. These buttons work out well and don’t slide around but can be moved easily.


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Yoyo Flower Slap Bracelets

I got five more bracelets done. They are really easy and fun to wear.

YoyoFlowerSlapBracelets YoyoFlowerSlapBracelets2

The slap bracelets are covered with fabric, then I add a yoyo flower that is made out of fabric and/or ribbon. The reason all of them are on the purple side is because I bought a silk fabric pack as I wasn’t planning on making more than one for myself. It turned out so cute that I thought I’d make a few to sell.

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Blue Flower Pin

Here’s another flower pin I just finished. It’s got vintage velvet ribbon on the bottom and Japanese silk fabric on the top.


Kind of plain but looks great on prints. There is also a little loop so the flower can be strung on cording or whatever.

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Fiber Flowers

I’m still waiting for my newly dyed felt to dry. It takes a long time and today turned out to be not so hot so it’s taking it’s time. In the meantime, I tried a few flowers:



This is my first attempt. It’s about 2 inches across. I had some diecut felt flowers that I used for the back. I added a little tab so the flower can be threaded onto a hairband or ribbon.

Then, my friend gave me one of those slap bracelets so I made this:

YoyoFlowerBracelet YoyoFlowerBraceletFlatten

Two views of the same bracelet. The flower is about 1 1/2 inch across. I made a fabric sleeve and sewed the flower onto the sleeve, then inserted the slap bracelet and sewed up the end.

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Two More Ladder Bracelets

Here’s the last two ladder bracelets I made. These will be the last I make before the craft show. They have been a hit this season.


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Couple of Buttons, Couple of Big Hole Beads

Everything comes in twos this time. I made a couple of buttons for my friend:

The are going with the spacer beads I made in a previous post.

And a couple of big hole beads for a Pandora bracelet:

These have silver leaf in them to give them some sparkle.


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New Set Of Beads

Of course I can’t go a weekend without making beads. I’m cleaning up all my short ends of glass again and I made these simple encased beads.

And I couldn’t go without making a few buttons. I’m still working on flower implosions.

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Three More Little People and Some Buttons

Okay, this is it on the little people figures. They are fun but I don’t have the time to play around right now. I need to be making things that I can sell at the next craft show.

And I’ve finally made enough buttons for the button swap that I joined. I only need 10 for the swap but I must have about 30 of them left. Some aren’t so nice, others I don’t want to part with. Here’s the ones I made this weekend.

More floral implosions. I’m still working on the petals and the left one doesn’t show up that well. It’s the frit I used on the back of it. I think I’m getting better with the petals. Still need practice but I’m getting there.

Some more striped buttons. I really like making these in all different colors.


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More Buttons

I thought I was done making buttons but decided to spend another day making them so I have a good number of them for the button swap I joined. Still working on the flower implosions and other buttons.



I’m still trying to figure out how to control the flower implosion so they turn out centered and looking like flowers. I still need lots of practice. Guess I’ll be making more tonight.

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