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My sister was over during Thanksgiving so I had all the supplies to make Sami bracelets. I got a sample one done and made the braid for my sister’s bracelet. She was having a hard time sewing hers so I have to finish it up later, along with another one for me. Here’s the same one I did. I realized I need to sew the braid down well and not let any of the clear thread stick out. It’s not like regular thread so it pokes when it sticks out.


Then we made these geometric paper forms and filled them with cement. I made mine into vases.

CementVasesTried putting some faux gold leaf on one of them. Don’t have the right kind of glue so it didn’t work out that well. Need to get some of that really sticky glue…..

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I got a few more things made for the upcoming craft show.


A few Christmas tree necklaces…..LeatherBraceletsSome leather and curved tube bracelets…..BlueGreenBraceletCopper bracelet with dusty blue and green beads…..

BatDangle SnowmanDangle2 PenguinDangle ChickenDangle SnowmanDangle OwlDangleSome more zipper pulls, dangles, keychains or whatever…..

GreenIceChipEarringsAnd a pair of green ice chip bead earrings…..

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Leather Lariats

Instead of using 10 strands of satin cording for the lariats I decided to use three strands of leather. The dangles on the ends weight the lariats a bit and they hang wonderfully.



I used bronze wire and chain on these as I thought it complimented the leather well. I like making all the different beads/glassy things for these.

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Two More Ladder Bracelets

Here’s the last two ladder bracelets I made. These will be the last I make before the craft show. They have been a hit this season.


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Three More Ladder Bracelets

I did well and sold all the ladder bracelets I had previously made. I wanted more to sell at the next craft show so I’m making more of them. Good thing I have a stock of buttons already made up.

Hopefully I’ll be able to make a few more up before the show.

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Two Ladder Bracelets

I’ve been making bracelets like crazy this week. I made two more double ladder bracelets with glass buttons.

One has jasper round beads and the other uses yellow moss jasper beads.

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Another Ladder Bracelet

I got an order for a ladder bracelet. I decided to use my new flower implosion button on it. I used a bunch of leftover semi-precious gemstone beads from previous bracelets I’ve made. I thought about doing them in some kind of order or pattern but went with the easiest way – to mix them all up.

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Bracelets And Key Chains

I’m now stuck on leather. I’m really liking working with it. Especially the distressed leather.

This one is similar to the other two I made previously. Just used different beads. I made the glass ones in this bracelet.

This is a multi-strand bracelet with big holed pearls and sterling silver. It has a magnetic clasp.

Some key chains that I just finished up making.

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Another Leather Bracelet

I’m still experimenting with how to assemble these bracelets. I made this one a bit different than the first one.

The blue beads I didn’t make. I found those in my stash.

I’m making beads to use for more bracelets. Here’s what I got done this weekend.

I tried using silver glass in some of these. Still need practice in learning the glasses and how to work them in the flame.

I also wanted to do these swirl buttons but couldn’t figure out how to make them. Or I didn’t try. Last night I tried. I just used a thick stringer and made a swirl, then melted it in. Didn’t realize it was so easy. I thought there was some magical thing to get the swirl.

Okay, there are those two right ones that aren’t swirls but they needed their picture taken too.

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Two Bracelets and One Necklace

I made these ladder bracelet for myself:

Not sure if I like the black leather with the amethyst stones but I didn’t like it with brown or natural leather either. That’s all the choices I had. I’ll wear it and if I don’t like it I’ll remake it with another color leather.

Then, a new type bracelet:

It’s a double wrap leather bracelet with drill rocks and other beads. I made it to fit my wrist and I so far, it’s pretty comfortable. I’m going to change how I do the connections from the rock piece to the leather on my next one. You didn’t think this would be the only one, did you?

I made the copper bail and riveted it to a glass bead. It’s strung on the same leather as the bracelet. The little stone is pyrite.

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