Another Leather Bracelet

I’m still experimenting with how to assemble these bracelets. I made this one a bit different than the first one.

The blue beads I didn’t make. I found those in my stash.

I’m making beads to use for more bracelets. Here’s what I got done this weekend.

I tried using silver glass in some of these. Still need practice in learning the glasses and how to work them in the flame.

I also wanted to do these swirl buttons but couldn’t figure out how to make them. Or I didn’t try. Last night I tried. I just used a thick stringer and made a swirl, then melted it in. Didn’t realize it was so easy. I thought there was some magical thing to get the swirl.

Okay, there are those two right ones that aren’t swirls but they needed their picture taken too.

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