Yoyo Flower Slap Bracelets

I got five more bracelets done. They are really easy and fun to wear.

YoyoFlowerSlapBracelets YoyoFlowerSlapBracelets2

The slap bracelets are covered with fabric, then I add a yoyo flower that is made out of fabric and/or ribbon. The reason all of them are on the purple side is because I bought a silk fabric pack as I wasn’t planning on making more than one for myself. It turned out so cute that I thought I’d make a few to sell.

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Two More Pins

These are kind of on the pink/red/purple side. It seems when I dye something red/pink, I can’t get different shades or add different colors. Not sure why that is.

TwoPinkLeavesI think I’m getting better at using my mom’s sewing machine. Still need practice but I’m having fun using all the different stitches.

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Three More Leaf Pins

Due to the hot weather and not being able to make beads in the garage, I spent the weekend making leaf pins. Here’s three that I finished:


I did do another one but messed it up right at the end. I hate when that happens. I’m still learning how to work the sewing machine so it takes me a while to do all the sewing. I am picking up some speed but I’m still really slow. I suppose failures will happen when I’m learning. Don’t have to like it though.

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Kool-Aid Dyed Felt

I got around to dyeing more wool felt last night. This is the first time I tried using Kool-Aid. It’s kind of “kool” as the colors are already mixed up and there is citric acid already in it so it’s supposed to work without having to add vinegar. The acid opens up the fibers to the dye. I still soaked my felt in lukewarm water and vinegar prior to dyeing to open up the fibers and saturate the felt. Using the Kool-Aid crystals made it really easy and probably a little less messy. After sprinkling the Kool-Aid on my felt, I sprayed it with some water to wet the crystals and disperse the color. Then I steamed my pieces. I have a big steamer that I bought eons ago when I was doing machine knitting. It works great for setting the dye. I steamed the pieces for less than 30 seconds, then took them over to the sink to wash out the Kool-Aid residue, along with any dye. I was totally surprised when no color came out. None at all. While washing, I felted my pieces at the same time by rolling the felt into a ball and rubbing the ball between my hands. Then I laid them out to dry. Here’s the results.

KoolAidDyedFelt KoolAidDyedFelt2I’m still trying to figure out how to get purple. My attempts haven’t even come close. I did get some purple on the bottom pink piece at the top but I don’t know what I did. This is the piece I was trying to use up the Kool-Aid packets I already opened. Guess it’s back to more experiments…..


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Two More Felt And Velvet Pins

I’m getting all excited about trying out new things with my mom’s sewing machine. While these things aren’t complex, I’m finding it fascinating that I can even sew.


I found my mom’s stash of variegated thread!! And all the solid shiny ones too!! Just that little bit of shine makes the colors pop. I’m getting better using the zigzag feature, though I still can’t make a round dot. One thing that makes sewing on the felt difficult is I can’t find anything that is erasable that marks felt. I had to do the spirals on the left piece by sight. Makes it way more stressful. I suppose I could baste the lines on but that would be too time consuming. Hope something pops into my head.

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Felt And Velvet Pins

I was able to get started on making more pins. I’m still trying to learn how to operate my mom’s sewing machine. I swear it’s harder to learn than a new computer. These are hand dyed felt and hand dyed velvet with machine stitching and some hand embroidery.

FourLeavesI’m still using up the felt I previously dyed. I have two more to stitch up, then I’ll get to dye more felt in different colors. Yeah!!

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Pink Felt And Velvet Brooch

Pin or brooch? Not sure which. I do know it’s made out of hand dyed wool felt and hand dyed rayon velvet. I made it to match a top that I bought that was too small so I cut it up and added wedges of sweater fabric into it. The top is black velour and I added striped wedges of pinks, black and gray strips of sweater fabric. I think the pin goes well with the top.


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Fiber and Textile Ideas

I’m trying to come up with some new ideas for wearable art. I tried the nuno felting and that wasn’t really my cup of tea. I love the look so I decided to explore making smaller things with felt. I first purchase some wool felt and dyed it using regular food coloring and vinegar. It’s just like using acid dyes but without the chemicals and the food coloring is permanent after steaming the felt. Here’s a the piece I did first to try out the technique:


I really didn’t want the whole thing green but I made a mistake by mixing the food coloring up too much. It still turned out a nice vibrant green.


I made this pin out of the felt. I added more color with fabric felt pens and a piece of ribbon was cut to add an accent to the piece. I haven’t sewed in forever and my mom’s sewing machine is one of those electronic ones. I had no idea what I was doing even though my mom saying it’s so easy.


This is the back. I used a piece of fabric on the back as I had threads all over the place, it was really ugly. Then I sewed the pin back on.

My experiments with dyeing felt is in the works. I did these two pieces last night:


I really like the way the piece on the left turned out. The pink one on the right turned out too much the same pink. I later found out that red/pinks need less vinegar. And when I took it out, I wasn’t careful about the way I squeezed the water out so the dye got all over the piece. Still, it’s a nice pink with purple accents and I can still use it for something.


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