Fiber and Textile Ideas

I’m trying to come up with some new ideas for wearable art. I tried the nuno felting and that wasn’t really my cup of tea. I love the look so I decided to explore making smaller things with felt. I first purchase some wool felt and dyed it using regular food coloring and vinegar. It’s just like using acid dyes but without the chemicals and the food coloring is permanent after steaming the felt. Here’s a the piece I did first to try out the technique:


I really didn’t want the whole thing green but I made a mistake by mixing the food coloring up too much. It still turned out a nice vibrant green.


I made this pin out of the felt. I added more color with fabric felt pens and a piece of ribbon was cut to add an accent to the piece. I haven’t sewed in forever and my mom’s sewing machine is one of those electronic ones. I had no idea what I was doing even though my mom saying it’s so easy.


This is the back. I used a piece of fabric on the back as I had threads all over the place, it was really ugly. Then I sewed the pin back on.

My experiments with dyeing felt is in the works. I did these two pieces last night:


I really like the way the piece on the left turned out. The pink one on the right turned out too much the same pink. I later found out that red/pinks need less vinegar. And when I took it out, I wasn’t careful about the way I squeezed the water out so the dye got all over the piece. Still, it’s a nice pink with purple accents and I can still use it for something.


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