Earrings – Yes Earrings

I don’t usually make earrings. There’s something about making the exact same thing twice that I just don’t like. I don’t mind similar but most people want earrings to match. I’ve done my best here even though these are the crappiest pictures I’ve taken in a while. BiwaPearlEarrings

I had to retake this picture, it was so bad. I love Biwa pearls. Hopefully other people do too.


I bought these mother of pearl buttons a while ago. Never knew what to do with them. A few jump rings and a little round gemstone bead works well with the buttons, don’t you think?

RockEarrings RockEarrings2

These are hard to see. They are drilled river rocks. I tried to match them up as well as I could. And by this time, I got tired of making the same earring so I did the wires all different on these.


More round pearl – it’s hard to tell those are pearls and another set that I made round earrings and threaded some beads onto it. Easy peasy.


Also, some clip charms that never got posted.

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