Christmas Tree In April

I had to make an ornament so I did this sterling silver tree with beaded wire, soldered onto copper.


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Beaded Ornaments

This is a pattern by Heather Collin. These are kind of fun and can be used as ornaments or pendants or just hanging decorations. Just finished these three. Need to get more beads to make more.

TurquoiseOrnament PinkOrnament PurpleOrnament

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Few More Things

Another dichroic bead set….


And a set of coral silvered shards on ivory….CoralSilveredShardIvory2Two more Christmas tree ornaments…..

XmasTree2 XmasTree1

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More Christmas Trees

I know they all look the same. These will be the last until next year.


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More Trees and A Pendant

I thought I was done with trees but decided to make some for presents. Here’s the last two I made.

Trees3They are so addicting!! I thought about using different colors but since they are ornaments and trees, using the red and goldstone seems like the only fitting colors except for green.

I was also able to get another Japanese crest pendant assembled.

AsianCrestFront3Just took a picture of the front since the back is the same as the previous ones. I have one more in the works……

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More Ornaments

More trees and an orange dangle ornament……


The one on the left is going to end up as a necklace. I have no holiday jewelry so I thought a tree would be nice to wear.

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Colorful Christmas Trees

I decided to try some trees using different colors to pizzazz them up a bit. Here’s a few that I just finished up.


The one on the left that looks crooked really isn’t. I used some red and goldstone, along with different colors of green and silver glass frit. These are “happy” trees.

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More Christmas Trees

I got three more trees done. These look almost the same as the last ones but all are a bit different.


I’ve got another set of them to come. That is if they work out. I’m trying some different colors which might not look that great when I start assembling them.

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Christmas Trees!!

I decided to try something different with the dangle ornaments and make a bunch of different sized discs to make up a tree form. Here’s my first attempts.


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One Little Ornament

Yep, just one little one.


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