Glass Head Pins

I was trying to think of a way to make some pretty head pins for the cell phone charms and zipper pulls I make. I found some stainless steel wire, cut it into pieces and melted some glass to make the little balls on the end of the wire.


The wire came out of the kiln a really metallic blue. Pretty neato. But I didn’t want to leave them like that so I polished it off.

These are a few charms that I made with the glass head pins. I need to test them and see how well they hold up.




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Kitty Quilt Wall Hanging

My mom made this kitty wall hanging. It’s simple but I love the kitties and the colors.

I didn’t do a very good job hanging it up, that’s why it looks crooked but it’s not. It’s perfectly even. My mom sews really well.

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Beads and Hair Sticks

I’ve got about half the hair sticks done. Still have about 25 more to make. I worked on making some other beads to use on the dangle hair sticks. While I like the flower beads, some people might not. Here’s some thin beads I made last night that I think will work for dangles.

I also assemble more hair sticks.

The black and white kitty kind of looks like Iggy.

And a few more angels.

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Iggy’s New Blanket

Iggy for a goody bag from the adoption agency I got him from the other day. He got lots of toys, a litter scooper and a blue blanket. He just loves playing with his toys. After he was done he cuddled up in his new blanket. Isn’t he cute?

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Meet My New Kitty Iggy

This is my new kitty that I got yesterday. He’s supposed to be a tuxedo colored kitty but his white spots seem to be all over the place. He’s 12 weeks old and is big for his age. He’s not the cutest kitty but he’s already so silly. He still needs to get acclimated to his new surroundings. He hasn’t met Marley yet, I’m hoping they will be able to meet in a few days. This is the first decent picture I got of him. He’s not that easy to take a picture of since black doesn’t photograph that well.

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My New Website

I’ve decided to go to a blog format for my website. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a bunch of new pictures here without too much of a hassle. Looking forward to this new adventure!!

Marley is helping me inspect some beads…..

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