Metal Hair Sticks

Some customers have asked for metal hair sticks. I totally forgot that I bought some this year. I found them when I was packing my stuff up for the craft show. I made the beads last night and assembled them this morning. They are really easy to put together.

These would also work out well for sweater or lacy scarf holders too.

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Skulls and Hair Sticks

I finally finished up the last of the hair sticks. Yeah!! Here’s the last two:

I also made some lavender skulls with crossbones for earrings.

So far, that’s it for this weekend. Must be slacking……

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More Ado about Hair Sticks

Okay, these aren’t exactly hair sticks but beads I made to use with hair sticks. I’m running late this week and haven’t had time to assemble them.

Beads for the dangle hair sticks.

A few for toppers.

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Beads and Hair Sticks

I’ve got about half the hair sticks done. Still have about 25 more to make. I worked on making some other beads to use on the dangle hair sticks. While I like the flower beads, some people might not. Here’s some thin beads I made last night that I think will work for dangles.

I also assemble more hair sticks.

The black and white kitty kind of looks like Iggy.

And a few more angels.

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Hair Sticks Part Two

Still working on hair sticks and having a blast making them. Here’s more that I finished up.

I’m still working on the “dangle” hair stick design. This next picture shows two different versions.

I’m leaning towards the one on the right. It’s easier to do and I like the dangle coming out of the top of the hair stick.

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Hair Sticks

My newest item that I’m making are hair sticks. I bought a bunch a while ago and they have been sitting gathering dust. I saw a friend’s hair sticks and they inspired me to make some glass toppers. I might do some dangle ones too. Still thinking of how I’m going to design those.

They are so fun to make the glass toppers. It’s fun coming up with designs.

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