Badge Holders

I got a few badge holders made for a gal in my mom’s quilting class. She wanted something in neutral colors which is tough for me since I only use them if I have to. I still wanted to give her more than one choice.

This is the first one I made and I thought she would choose this one and I guess right.

What’s weird about this one is I bought brown seed beads but they look purple with a tinge of brown cast to them. They worked out for this badge holder but I was a bit disappointed when I got them. I really like opal yellow glass with purple stringer.

This one has Amber’s Fire Opal beads in it. They have some silver glass in them and I’m not that at all proficient with it. I’m attempting to try to learn.

Sorry for the crappy photos. This is what happens when it’s late and I’m tired and don’t want to take pictures.

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