Friendship Bracelets

I need a make it and take it project that only uses a few tools and supplies and is really quick to make. I came up with these friendship bracelets.


They are made out of glass seed beads and various copper beads and pearls. I added a chain tassel.  Every project comes with it’s challenges. I usually buy the heaviest beading wire as it works the best with lampworked beads but it wouldn’t fit through pearl holes. Digging in my endless stash of stuff, I found an old roll of thinner beading wire. Yay!! Then I came to making the tassel. I’m using these old base metal copper plated necklaces and cutting them up. The chain is so fine that I’d have to use a very thin piece of copper wire to fit through the chain which wouldn’t be the best choice as it’s not hard enough to hold up to much abuse. Fortunately, the necklaces use a bigger ring the the clasp and there’s one on each end. It’s some kind of base metal and even though it’s thin it’s hard enough to be pulled on without bending the ring. Problem solved!! These are really fun as any combination of beads can be used.

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