New Beads

I’ve been making some clear beads to try out this technique where the beads are colored after they are made. While making clear beads is kind of boring, I’m really liking them after they are colored and cored.

CoredBeads CappedBeads FirstTwoThey sparkle and are really vibrant in person. Except for the green one. When using transparent colored glass the color has to be really pale in order for the color to show. It does sparkle but it’s more subtle than the rest of the beads.

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Another Cloisonne Enamel Test

I used the same design and colors as on my previous piece. This time I used a layer of silver foil between the copper and enamels to see if I could avoid the oxidation from the copper. This part did work but I overheated the wires and some sunk into the enamel too much. I have to watch this firing a lot closer so I don’t over fire.


There’s lots of trial and error learning the ins and outs of enamels. I still have much to learn.

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Another Learning Experience

I decided to try another cloisonne enamel piece. I’m using copper as the base and on this piece I didn’t use any transparents so I omitted the step where some fine silver foil is added to cover the copper. Thought why waste it when it’s not going to show. Well, while making the piece, I realized there is a good reason to use it.


I got oxidation from the copper coming up to the top. That happens because the copper was fired too long or too high. It’s hard to see in the picture but around the silver wires it shows up the most. Using the silver foil layer helps to keep the oxides from coming to the top. Silver doesn’t created oxides. Or I could be more careful and use low or medium melt enamel colors which is more difficult to figure out.

I’m going to make another piece similar to this design with the silver foil and see how that goes. This was a good learning experience.

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First Cloisonne Enamel Pendant – Done!!

This is my first ever cloisonne piece I made. I showed it in a previous post without it’s setting. I finally had time to get the sterling silver part soldered together.


The enamel piece isn’t perfect and I now know how important it is to make sure the sides are smooth and the whole piece is the same level. Where the wires are I needed to smooth that area out more so the bezel would not have a bump there. I also need to make sure my enamels aren’t contaminated.  Lessons learned. The bottom stone is a titanium drusy.

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Last Curvy Wire Necklace

This is the eighth and last one for the pending order. I do like making them but not that many at one time.


Now I can start working on things for the fall craft shows. Have to come up with some new ideas which I seem to be totally out of right now.

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Two More Curvy Wire Necklaces

Got two more done. Only one more to go.


CurvyWireNecklace-Bill6Hopefully, I’ll get the last one done this weekend. Then it’s on to something new!!

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More Curvy Wire Necklaces

I finished three more. Three more to go. Actually they are going pretty quickly now. The hammering took a while and so did drilling.

CurvyWireNecklace-Bill4 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill5 CurvyWireNecklace-Bill3

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Pink Curvy Wire Necklace and Beads

Finished necklace number 2. Still have 6 more to make.


These are beads I made over the weekend. More to add to the bead show stash.


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Periwinkle Curvy Wire Necklace

I got an order for eight of these necklaces. I got most of the hard work done and now I just have to add the glass balls and link the wires together. The fun part is bending them into shapes. This is the first one.


The wire is copper that has been patina’ed and tumbled to harden the wire.

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My First Cloisonne Piece

Well, kinda. It’s not done. I just got the cloisonne piece done. Still have to make it into a piece of jewelry. I stayed with easy for my first piece and even then some of my wires moved.

CloisonnePieceThis is 1.5 inches. I put silver under the transparent curves and cells but it doesn’t show up that well. I didn’t do any shading, just plain enamels. I wanted to learn the process. Now I can get more intricate and take my time making a piece. I’m still going to turn this into a piece of jewelry just because it’s my first piece.

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