Another Weekend of Kitties

More kitties!! I guess I should come up with a different style. Not that I don’t like making these but maybe I should try some different shapes. These work out well for the keychains though and I still need to make more of them so this is not the last of them.

I took this picture to show the whole key chain so the kitties don’t show their best side.

A couple more. The right one look like it a carnival kitty. It’s so colorful.

I also tried playing with silver glass again. I should just give it up. I just don’t have the knack for it.

The picture is pretty crappy too. The left bead has a clear base with Terranova 2.1 over it. It’s not that colorful in person. The middle bead is a clear base encased thinly with Psyche. It didn’t look that good so I roughly lined on some of the new Bella Donna glass – Moody blue on top. The last bead is a clear base with Terranova and another glass that I can’t remember. It’s really dark and almost looks black.


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