A whole army of ninja turtles!! A gal that stopped by my booth at the craft show saw my push pins and asked if I could make a few turtles in different colors and to make them into lapel pins. She wanted 8 to be exact. I asked her what colors she wanted and was all set to make them. Got them almost all done when I got a voicemail from her, now she wants 30 of them in different colors and I have until next August to get them done. What could I say? Course, I don’t want to drag an order out several weeks so I got them all done, ready for delivery. There are more than 30, just wanted her to have more to pick out of. I’m sure I can use the rest as the turtle push pins seemed to be the most popular.

I have the backs in another package. I didn’t know how to display them so she could see them all at once with the backs on them.


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