More Things For My Cousin’s Quilt Show

I’ve been steadily making things for my cousin’s quilt show. Since I have no idea what they want I’m trying to make a variety of different things. First up is buttons.

I’m planning on making a few more of these since only a couple match. These are fairly small.

I started out making the two buttons on the right. I realized the frit would look better on the bottom of the buttons, that’s when I notice I got a round blob when I melted off the glass rod. They kind of look like a kaleidoscope.

Just a couple of purple and white dot buttons. I’ll probably make more of these in different colors.

Now, a few beads…

More birds. I like making these. They are really fun.

Bunnies!! Two white ones and two pinkish blush ones. I was getting tired of making all white ones.

A set of round beads that have glass shards applied to an opal yellow bead.

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