Leather Ladder Bracelet With Pearls

These bracelets are all the rage this season and I tried my hardest not to jump on the bandwagon. But since I’ve been making buttons, I had to use them for something. Here’s the first bracelet I made using leather and pearls.

These can be made so the bracelet wraps multiple times around the wrist. I’m going to stick with making single ones until I get more made.

I made these buttons to use for the bracelets but I didn’t make the shank hole big enough to fit the leather through. Guess I’ll have to make more tonight.

This is my attempt at working with Raku glass. It’s one of those silver type glasses that change to some nice colors. I was able to get color on the small cab but the more I work the glass it turns to “baby poop” color. I should just stick with what I know works best for me and it’s not silver glass.


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