Just Beads

I badge holder keeps breaking and the big bead I had on it got fractured in a few places when it fell on the concrete. I thought it was time to replace it. I made some BIG beads, none I really like but I don’t want to spend any more time making a big bead. So these are the ones I got done last night.

How did that small bead get in to the picture? I didn’t like these at all. I was a bit tired and shouldn’t have tried the top bead. It takes forever to make them. The bottom bead is silver glass. I made a mistake on how the glass was supposed to be layered so I got some weird reaction that isn’t pleasing.

This is the bead I used for the badge holder. I just strung it on some leather cord. Kind of cracks me up. I make all kinds of jewelry and this is the best I can do for my badge holder.

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