Pokeweed Lariat

I go to the High Sierras every year for a week vacation. It’s nice fishing and making something that I don’t get a chance to at home. Working with seed beads takes a lot of concentration for me and this is a time that I can spend long periods concentrating.  This is one of Laura McCabe’s kits. I always buy seed beads kits. It’s easier than designing something myself which would take me longer to make a piece. With a kit, I get the instructions along with all the beads. I don’t have to shop to find all the needed supplies. Laura’s kits are awesome!! She doesn’t fudge on details in her pieces and her instructions and well written and understandable.

Sorry about the bad picture. I took it with my cell phone camera which always gives me blurry pictures. It’s hard to see all the little size 15 seed beads in the piece. It took me three days to make the spiral lariat part and after I finished, I wish I made it about 2 inches longer so I could double wrap it around my neck if I wanted to wear it shorter but I didn’t realize the embellishments on the ends would go up the lariat so far. It’s impossible to add more length without making a HUGE mess. This piece took me 6 days to make, working on it about 6 – 8 hours a day. I did spend some time trout fishing in my spare time. Freshly caught and cooked fish is just the best!!

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