Another Mica, Copper And Paper Pendant

I bought some Japanese image stickers eons ago and decided they would work well in this pendant. I didn’t have to cut the sticker out, making it all that much easier. And I could use it as a template for the other pieces. As most know, I hate measuring and cutting accurately, that’s why most of the things I make are free form.

My bad camera skills account for the washed out pictures. The Japanese sticker isn’t so faded as it looks her. This one side.

This is the other side. I think on my next one I’m going to use two Japanese stickers so one shows from both sides. I was planning on using a jump ring to hold all the pieces and then the pendant would have a definite front and back. But that didn’t work out. I’d have to make a ginormous jump ring in order for all the pieces to lay vertical so I just threaded them onto thin copper ball chain.

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