Bouncy Little People Figures

After the raffle of my Little People figures at the Beads Of Courage event, a couple people asked me if they could buy some figures since they didn’t win them. As I said before, I’m not selling these. Fortunately, the people that want them belong to my play day posse. (yes, that’s what we call our group)  We have most of our play days at their houses and we use all their equipment – which is way more than I have so I get to play with hydraulic presses, rolling mills, and the flat lap grinder to name a few. I am really grateful that we all get together, share ideas, supplies, projects and techniques and very happy they like my figures. So, I’m making two more sets of them so they can have a pair each. I got enough components done to make two of the bouncy ones.

I still have the three legged ones to make. Will be working on more components tonight.

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