First Ornament

There is a thread on Lampwork Etc. about making ornaments that I’ve been following. Most people use borosilicate glass for ornaments since it is less fragile. I don’t have the right torch for making anything bigger than a bead in boro glass so I tried it with the soft glass that I usually use. Since this was my first one and I didn’t think it would turn out very good, I used a cheap color that I knew could take the heat. Unfortunately, it didn’t blow out to a lighter color. I also put way too much frit on the outside. Also the wrong color frit. The only thing that shows up is the texture the frit got when I blew it out.

Since I didn’t have any ornament caps, I used a cork and glued a piece of wire in for the loop. I plan to make more, the only problem is my kiln is too small so I can only make a few in one torching session.

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