Two More Ornaments

I tried a few more ornaments last night. The first one I made turned out great. The color was nice and dense and the frit showed up nicely. But when I went to stick it in my kiln, I found my mandrel was too long and wouldn’t fit. In my attempt to try to save it, I dropped the whole thing on the concrete floor. While disappointed, it did give me a chance to inspect the wall thickness a bit closer. I’m always afraid that I will make them too thin. After that, I made these two. They ended up smaller than the first one and the frit colors don’t show up as much but I’m happy with them.

I used some kind of transparent frit applied to the outside. The colors don’t show up but I do like the texture. This happens because frit is a different COE than the base glass I’m using.

This one turned out kind of cool. It’s on the smaller side. The colors really glimmer when held up to the light. Wonder what it would look like on a real Christmas tree.

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