Cell Phone Charms and Zipper Pulls

I always make a bunch of these to sell. I usually make the beads during the year so I’m not manically trying to make a bunch at the last minute. I’m finally getting around to making them up into cell phone charms and zipper pulls. Here’s the results.


Starting out with the miscellaneous ones first. I think I need to make more cupcakes. Not sure how popular they still are but a few more wouldn’t hurt.


Mochi trees. I don’t know what they are called in Japanese.


I had these leftover from another project and thought they worked out well for cell phone charms. I really like gingko leaves.




I plan to do more like this one. This was supposed to be more like Tim Burton’s Christmas Jack but it didn’t turn out looking like it. Oh well….FishLureCharmsFishies!! I have one of these hanging from my cell phone bag. It’s been there for over a year and I’m amazed the feathers don’t get messed up. I guess since they are real and come off of real birds they must be somewhat durable.

I’ve got more to make with more than one bead. Hopefully I’ll have those assembled by next weekend.

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