Few New Bead Sets


Black disc beads wrapped with thin colored glass stringer.

RoofTileRed-TurquoiseBHBSet-2Topaz, turquoise, roof tile red colored big hole beads.

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Been A While

Since I last posted and I don’t remember where I left off. I’ve been making beads and starting on a few metal pieces. The metal pieces have a ways to go.

BasicsSet StonesBasicsSet

I made these two basic black and white with a little gray sets a while ago.

PaulineWarg-FlowerVessel-WithFlowersGot the idea to add glass flowers to my eye dropper lapel pin. I thought of this late in the evening so I attempted using epoxy. While the wires are securely fastened to the dropper, it would have looked better to use resin and fill the dropper, then add the wire flowers.


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Miscellaneous Beads



Cheryl-EarringBeads3Just some samples, tests and odd and ends……

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Two More Sets

I seem to be putting these up in pairs. Weird.


Ivory base bead fumed with silver. Really subtle look.

YesseniaRound6-FinishedBerrylious frit on pale pink base bead. Yummy!!

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More Bead Sets

More round bead sets…..


These didn’t work out like I wanted them too. I used coral for the base bead covered with dark Kalera frit. Turned more black than I like. These have been etched.

YesseniaRound4-FinishedDark turquoise base bead with white enamel and copper leaf burnt in. These have been etched.

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More Bead Sets

I’m back to making beads even though the weather is still hot. Especially in the garage. I need A/C in there.


Copper green with Purple Rose frit.YesseniaRound1-FinishedOpal yellow with enamels and raku.

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Two More Paracord Keychains

Made these with black paracord. Even though it’s the same size as the camo colored one it’s softer so I got a thinner and tighter knot effect.


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Few New Bead Sets

It’s been WAY too hot to make beads. I’ve been trying though….


Etched per the customer’s request. Round bead pairs. StrikingColor-RakuRoundsAnother organic looking set out of Striking Color glass. I still need to practice getting more color out of this glass. Used some raku frit on top too.

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Couple More Vessel Necklaces

Made a few more…..

Vessel11Copper green glass with iris gold frit.

Vessel12Dark amber glass with iris gold frit.

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Vessel Necklaces

Got these done for an order…..











Vessel10Lots of vessel necklaces!! All with bead topped cork stoppers.

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