More Sculptural Beads

Still not making good progress on bead production. Oh well….


More character beads.FlowerPowerBead

Thought this bead would be nice for Beads of Courage but it took way too long to make. Course, it’s the first time I’ve made a bead like this but I doubt I’ll pick up much speed making them. SwirlBead2

Another swirl bead. I’m still getting too many bubbles in the encasing and the swirls are hit or miss. Sometimes I get them right, mostly, not.

FlowerHeartBeadsSome flower and a heart covered with silver and a stitch on the side. Not crazy about it so I probably won’t be making more.

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4th Day – Beads Of Courage Beads

I forgot to post the last of the Beads Of Courage beads. These have been sent off to the charity.

Kitties-Chick SeaBeads Mummies

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Third Day – Beads Of Courage Beads

I made 15 more beads last night. Here’s the goods……

Misc4 Veggies Fishes Chick-Bones Octopus

This brings the total to 44 beads this weekend. I think I can get 6 more done and make it to 50 before having to send them off.

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Second Day Of Beads Of Courage Beads

Here’s what I made yesterday.

Fish-Penguin-Octopus Misc2 Misc3 PolarBear

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Beads Of Courage Beads

I’m spending all weekend making beads for the Beads Of Courage charity. These are the ones I made last night.


The polar bear was in a tutorial and I didn’t want to print out the instructions so I tried making it by memory. It needs more detail and I forgot the tail. I’m going to try another one tonight.


The round fish are new editions. I really wanted to make them flat using my lentil press but I haven’t used a glass press in eons and didn’t want to spend the time mucking with it. Hence, round fish.


The cat and cake beads are from the same tutorial. I had the hardest time remember what a piece of cake looks like and kept putting the “frosting” on the wrong sides. It’s not like I haven’t ate enough cake to remember. Finally got it figure out. Whew….

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Beads Of Courage Beads

There’s some new Beads Of Courage charity program that involves sets of two beads. I’m not exactly sure how this program works but someone requested beads for this program. These are some I had sitting around and some I made last night.


They wanted them on safety pins so they can be pinned onto clothing but the safety pins I happen to have are on the small side so even though I can put them onto the pins, there’s no way they can be pinned to clothing. I’m awaiting more info so I can get these packed up and sent off to the recipient.

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Beads Of Courage Beads

Since I didn’t finish anything this week, all I had to take a picture of were the beads I made for the Beads Of Courage charity. More info on the charity can be found here:


So far I have 25 beads made and hope to get more done before the next BOC flame day where a bunch of us get together and make beads for the day.

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Beads Of Courage Fundraiser Event

Today I participated in the Beads Of Courage fundraiser. This is a charity for seriously ill children where beads are given to kids for different treatments they have to endure. It’s a way for the nurses to interact with the kids in a positive way. Most of the beads are bought but there are certain beads that are given out for acts of courage that are handmade by bead makers. Someone took my picture at the event today so here’s a picture of me, torching.

It was way too hot today so we all did our best to make as many beads as we could. We had 6 torches going for about 6 hours. We also had a raffle and other ways to donate. All in all, it was a successful event.

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The Monsters Are Coming!

Monsters are so fun to make!! They can be whatever my imagination will let them be. Course, they probably won’t be too wild. I’m constricted to making them without any fragile parts so that means no arms or legs or thin antennas. Still, it fun using any colors I have on my table and they still turn out pretty cute, don’t ya thing?

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Skull Bead

Still working on beads for boys for the Beads of Courage program. Here’s a not so scary skull bead that I made.  It shows both sides of the bead.

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